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Human Characteristics

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Have you ever considered how much you can learn about a person from simply observing seemingly insignificant things? While at someone's apartment who I only recently met, I found myself fascinated by the collection of reading materials in the lavatory. You can learn a lot about a person by sifting through the lavatory, even beyond their reading materials. You know you have peered under the sink of a host's house. You know you have looked in their medicine cabinet and went through their drawers. Automobiles are similar in their significance of collected items. Beyond the maps, air freshener and condoms in the glove-box, you might find some interesting clues into the personality of the owner. Now, of course, this all seems like common sense; people will surround themselves in things reflecting of their interests and personality. However, I believe most people just are not patient enough or do not care enough to make these simple observations. So the next time you are at someone's residence, take a peek at their lavatory accessories. You might just learn something you never knew before.

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  • Thorin

    Everyone engages in this activity, it is classic voyeurism, but it poses two very interesting questions. First when you obtain this information, say the presence of an odd ointment, pill, or lubricant perhaps, what do you do? Do you fess up to it and say, "I was looking for more toilet paper and I saw your 'blank'. What's the deal with your 'blank'?" Or, do you continue on and use the information to gain a foothold in conversation, try and make them confess what you already know. Or, do simply add the data to the pool as through it were no different than the person's hair-color.
    Secondly have you ever wondered if people prepare those things to look the way they do. Maybe, they are playing your own curiosity against you. Showing you not who they really are but the person they would like to be perceived as. I know before a party I make my bathroom much cleaner and much less representative of my daily life.

    Anyway, something to think about, wow this post is way too long. Do I need a girlfriend or what?

  • Matticus

    All you're likely to find in my car is stuff I haven't bothered to dispose of yet. You'll see sales tracking sheets from Sprint, etc. In fact I think I still have my parking pass!

    I don't have any reading material in my lavatory. It's all scattered about my room. I'd clean it, but... really it'd just end up on the floor again. And I have better things to do, like laying down and staring at the ceiling.

    So what does that say about me, huh? That I'm lazy? You think I'm lazy don't you? YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME! HULK IS STRONGER THAN ALL! HULK... SMAAAASH!!!!


  • MerlinRAH

    I would have to say that I have, on a few occasions, looked (or snooped) around my host's bathroom. I don't recall finding anything of any interesting value. I kind of wish that I would of found something 'naughty' or something that I didn't expect to find given the person who was my host. Has anyone found something really interesting in someone's bathroom that they would like to share with us? I often wonder if others have had better luck than me in terms of finding interesting things and/or items or finding out interesting things about their host. If so, I would love to hear a story or two. hehe Thought: What's the most shocking thing that you can think of that would really surprise you about someone if you found it in their bathroom? Now there is an interesting thought to ponder.

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