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SpongeBob SquarePants

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"The misadventures of a fast-food restaurant working sponge who lives under the sea."

Ok, can someone tell me what the hell the deal with this SpongeBob SquarePants? I would normally say that perhaps it is simply due to my age that I do not understand these colourful characters, but it would seem that those that are my age and older also appreciate this programme.

I am not necessarily saying that the show is soporiferous, as I have watched a few episodes and found some of it funny. Nevertheless, the recent cult status that it has taken on does puzzle me. I mean, exactly where does poor SpongeBob and his cohorts fit in between the Drowning Pool albums, glitter lipstick, labret studs and t-shirts that read, "Sorry girls, I suck cock" at the local Hot Topic store?

Perhaps I am simply underestimating the societal tendency to revert back to previously enjoyed experiences. For the teenage and college crowd, I suppose it might just be a simple programme to sit back and enjoy while remembering waking up extra early on a Saturday morning to catch the animated cartoons whilst eating a bowl of sugary cereal and wearing the sleeping fare from the night prior until noon.

Is it that simple? Am I making more of this than I should? But really, I do have a problem accepting the fact that these early teens, who wish nothing of conformity (and obtain it by being like everyone else trying not to be like everyone else) wearing alternative clothing, getting things pierced and admitting to their friends and classmates they occasionally, regularly or continually have sexual relations with a partner of the same sex would or could come together with such a show of love towards these characters. I would think it would be a bad thing in their non-conformist minds to admit that they were actually one and the same with people their age and are capable of loving and enjoying something fluffy and happy. We all know damn well that each and every one of these Korn quoting, baggy pant and eyeliner wearing self-titled 'punks' would cry at the drop of a hat if only they would let themselves. And most of them probably do, but in extreme private. They are just putting up a mask, like skinning your Winamp player; it still does the same things pretty much, but it just looks a lot different. So what is it about SpongeBob that makes him different?

My only final comment is that I was pleased to see Ernest Borgnine dubbing the voice for the character "Mermaid Man." I decided to put up a Gattaca avatar and title in his honour.

Your comments and ideas on this are anticipated.

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  • Thorin

    I think you have distance yourself from the idea that an adult attaraction to Sponge Bob Square Pants is a homosexual tendency and instead look at the mounting trend of the ageless gen-Xers.

    First take Hot Topic, anyone who shops at Hot Topic is not a true counter culture guru, a wanabee at best (like myself). Secondly SBSP is totally inline with current trends in gen-X. Gen-Xers don't want to grow up so well into their thirties they continue to buy and consume the same items as teenagers, but they have a lot of money hence the presence of a counter culture mall chain.

    So to explain the popularity of SBSP you combine a kids show, a bunch of people afraid of getting old, and a bunch of people wanting to sell you stuff to make you feel young. Also the show is really funny and instead of being about children the characters are ageless in way. They live by themselves and do things inherently funny because they are physical gags but that older people can relate to their real lives.

  • Allstarme79

    Good job, Chris. I was pondering this the other day as Steve and I watched that show. You put into words what I could only think. Thanks. You did the thinking for me.

  • MerlinRAH

    I don't know about some of my fellow GenXers, but I, for one, act (almost) my age (but not old and boring). I would consider myself mature, responsible, and yes, getting older by the minute. It doesn't really bother me that I'm no longer a teenager. Although, I do have to admit to having a lot of good memories from being a teenager, I don't need to attempt to keep living those years and look like a fool to the rest of our generation. For those of you who need to hear this advice once again: Act your age! True, you don't need to be your parents, but you don't need to act like you still need your parents to be taking care of you either. I have been lucky to of been meeting more and more people of our generation that are not acting as immature as I still see from strangers while in public places (having dinner, grocery shopping, etc). I feel that I have lectured enough about this now.

    As for that show, David, I personally feel that if people of our generation are watching that show, then they might fit into the category of people who need to read my comments above. There might be some exceptions to this, but it would be hard to tell. Is that why you really felt the need to vent about this show, or was their other reasons behind it? We do live in a sad state of affairs right now, but there's always hope that we will get lucky and some of our fellow GenXers will finally join us in the "Grown Up" world. Until then, I guess we will both be annoyed. hehe --Fuck 'em.

  • David July

    While I disagree that I was attempting to place sexuality onto the show, but was simply showing rebellious behaviour in light of the shows market appeal, others ARE waging that argument.

    SpongeBob HotPants?
    NEW YORK ? SpongeBob SquarePants, one of Nickelodeon's most popular characters, has been outed as a gay icon.,2933,65225,00.html

  • Thorin

    Sponge Bob -- "I'm going to fake my way through this just like high school"

    It's just funny people, laugh.

  • FSUpaintball

    Long live Sponge Bob.

  • David July

    I usually go to sleep with Nick At Night on and have my television automatically switch off. Last night, however, I did not set the sleep function, so I woke up this morning to SpongeBob. I was laughing my ass off.

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