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Industrial Magnets, The

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Inspired from the non-bomb scare, I decided that when I never finally get a little musical group together (even if for one fucking evening), I would like to be called "The Industrial Magnets."

I got a fur up my ass tonight and made the following, basically a CD album cover for the non-existent band. Let me know what you think (keeping mindful it is a scaled-down version of the original 700k Photoshop file).

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  • JJEternal

    Looks pretty sweet Dave.

    I didn't know you were putting a musical group together. What would you contribute musically to the group?

  • David July

    Thanks, Scott. At this point it is nothing more than an idea Chris and I have had for a while now. As it stands now, he had planned on playing guitar (obviously) and I was going to sing. There is an excellent chance this will never happen, simply due to the distance between us normally.

    No matter how it goes, the cover art is taken care of already!

  • FSUpaintball

    Well, that's all that matters. Right?

    Let me know if you need a rhythm (or bass, but I suck) guitar player.

  • Thorin

    Well actually I would probably be best suited as a rhythm or bass guitar player so if you want the lead guitar job I would gladly hand it over. Besides it would afford me the opportunity to get in a saxophone solo or two.

  • FSUpaintball

    LOL I most definitely have not been practicing enough for lead.

    I'll have to let you try out my bigassed guitar amp one day.

  • Tyler_Durden

    What style of music will the mags play?
    Have any songs been written?

    What kind of amp is it Matt?

  • FSUpaintball

    I couldn't afford anything like a Mesa Triple Rec or anything, but it sure as hell does the trick.

    It's a Randall RG-100 amp head (SS). Even though it's solid state, it's easily better than anything other than a powerful tube amp I've ever played through. Dimebag used that exact amp to record "Cowboys from Hell," so you know it screams. It's 150 TRUE watts, and has 2 separate channels that can be run independently or simultaneously (for the acoustic and electric effect, or just huge sound from both). The treble knob also pulls out to make a souped-up overdrive sound. It's also got the best damn reverb on the planet.

    The cab is an Avatar 4x12 with Celestion V-30s in them. That thing roars. I play on an old gloss black Ibanez X-series guitar.

  • Tyler_Durden

    wow someone's a metallica fan. cool shit man.

  • FSUpaintball

    Ya caught me. It's most of what I play. It's actually NOT why I bought the stuff (that was more of a financially pinched, right place at the right time gear), but it works very, very well for old school metallica.

  • Tyler_Durden


    so what was your 1st metallica album (don't say the black album or u r a fag)

  • FSUpaintball

    I didn't start listening until about a year and a half ago, so the black album WAS my first. But I quickly picked up "Ride the Lightning", and that's the one I still listen to.

    All the rest are on MP3. So you can suck it, Lars! :-)

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