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I am really sick and tired of retailers pulling items from their shelves because of customer feedback on the item. Now, mind you, I am not referring to recalls or defective products being removed from commercial circulation. Just items, such as the following, which "caused some customers concern."

Barbie's pregnant pal pulled from shelves

I saw a programme last week on television about toys being sold this years whose suitability for children was questionable. I am god damn tired of consumer watch groups telling me what is suitable or not for my children.

Now, while I may agree with some of the recommendations they make, why take that decision away from the parent. When a parent goes into a retail store, they are not blinded by the product. They can clearly see what their child has requested and then decide for themselves whether they feel it is a suitable product for their children.

Some of the toys mentioned in the show were WWE action figures with rather large breasts, an Austin Powers action figure with a defined crotch, a lingerie Barbie and an action figure play-set depicting a bombed-out house. The toy manufactures were quick to point out the collectible nature of certain products. The watch group quipped back immediately on how the products are labeled "for ages * and up" and how they disagreed with those assessments.

A television programme, motion picture or video game may not be apparently overt on what content it will feature, therefore a rating system there is at least partially understandable. But do you need the box to tell you, a parent, whether "Hooker Barbie" is suitable for your three-year old or not?

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  • JJEternal

    You tell 'em Dave!

    Fight the good fight!


  • Matthew407

    Just how many chirrens do you have Dave? The support payments must be astronomical!

  • David July

    Obviously, I do not have any. Does that make it not my place to have an opinion over how businesses and consumer watch groups operate?

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