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Last Night: Review and Story

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I went last evening to see the new Spielberg/DreamWorks release, Catch Me If You Can. I must say, it has been a long time since a movie impressed me as much as this one did. I was also very surprised to learn, and even more so as the movie progressed, that the events were based upon the true-life story of Frank Abagnale Jr., the main character as played by a surprisingly good Leonardo DiCaprio. He is being chased by the FBI's lead check fraud agent Carl Hanratty (an interestingly accented Tom Hanks) throughout the 1960's. Favourite Christopher Walken plays Frank Abagnale, Sr., and actually has a fair share of dialogue as a non-psychologically disturbed person, a welcomed change from the seemingly semi-regular fare of the seasoned actor.

I was impressed from the word go. The opening title sequence, a series of well-done animations depicting and foreshadowing the chase of the movie, is done in true late 1950 to 1960's styling, even down to the fonts used. Of particular amusement was the use of the font from era LP albums indicating the recording was in "stereo." That font is one of my personal favourites and found a good life-after-death in the title sequence.

The rest of the style of the movie, the shots and transitions used, the focused and very thought-out, but not distracting lighting all really combined considerably with a humorously written screenplay to play out a very entertaining two hours, twenty minutes of film. It was also very nice to hear a good John Williams score that fit the panache of the movie and did not sound like every other score he has produced.

I stopped on my way home at Steak 'n Shake to meet a friend (Rick) and have my meal for the day (at 0320, mind you). After eating and chatting for a bit, Rick and I retired to our vehicles and began the short ride home. As we approach the Interstate 4 interchange, a local city cop pulled in front of us and began driving rather slowly. Knowing I currently had a burnt-out driver's side headlamp, Rick pulled in front of me to block the view of my car from the officer. Well, because the cop kept slowing down more and more, I decided to pull around Rick to his right, effectively placing Rick's vehicle between the cop and myself. It did not work; the cop slowed and pulled in right behind me.


I answer Rick's call with, "Yup, anytime now! He's running my tag as we speak!" Just about the time I finished saying that, on come the lights. Rick and I arrange a meeting place for after this fun and I pull over into a shopping centre.

The typical exchange happens and the officer very politely points out my headlamp issue to which I reply I knew it was broken and speculated it happened that day (I was actually aware and simply lazy about changing it since Thursday, but he did not need to know that). He asked for my driver's license, insurance card and registration. The first two were an easy find, tucked in my wallet. But I had a little more trouble with the registration.

Recently changed from a long, yellow form to a little white card that blends very nicely with all the other junk I have managed to collect in my glove box and centre console, the registration form is damn hard to locate. He retreats to his squad car to run my driver's license and tells me to stick the registration out the window when I find it. Well, he comes back to my car and I still have not found it. I joke with him about how the new ones are hard to find and he says, "Well, you know, I am just going to take your word on the fact you have it. Take care of the headlight and have a safe morning."

Today's To Do List:
  • Mow Lawn
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Replace Headlamps
  • Locate God Damn Registration Card

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  • lttllambie

    Wow! But, How do you when your headlight has gone out? I am asking this for my reference.

    Update-- I am offically in Orlando!

  • David July

    Technically, you are supposed to survey your automobile every time you about to use it to ensure all your lighting and safety equipment is operating normally. Of course, no one does this. My law firm would tell clients who may have been driving in less than valid conditions to conduct such a survey prior to driving to lessen the chance of gaining the unwanted attention of law enforcement officers.

    Sidebar: For those of you who are really interested, Florida Statutes 316.216 through 316.242 cover every aspect of vehicle lighting on every type of vehicle, including what prohibited lighting devices exist. The link above will take you to the entire Chapter 316, which covers all aspects of automobiles and driving in the State of Florida.

    My experience shows that headlamps are easy to spot. Either you are on a darker stretch of road and you will notice more light emitting from one side than the other; or you will be stopped behind another vehicle and can see your headlamps reflected in the rear of the vehicle in front of you; or someone tells you. Turn signals are pretty much the same. With tail lamps, stop lamps and tag lights, you pretty much either have to check these things out yourself or have someone tell you about it.

  • lttllambie

    I never really paid much attention to my car lights. Thanks Dave for clearing all that up.

  • Allstarme79

    You got lucky, Dave. Not this past Christmas but the one prior, my mother and I were driving on 436. We had just crossed over the 1-4 overpass and were about to pass the carwash and 7-11 on the right-hand side when a car got into the center lane (mind you, this was when the road was under massive construction) and suddenly decided he didn't want to turn and cut back in, right in front of me as the stoplight in front of us went red. He slammed on his brakes in time to not hit the car in front, as did I. However, the car behind me did not notice the stopping and slammed into me, who crashed into that asshole in front. He left the scene and I was left as the middle victim. Anyway, two motorcycle cops came very quickly and were polite and even funny as we shivered in the cold. However, I could not find my regsitration even though I had slid it into the leather case that holds the owners manual. They fined me but told me I could go and have the fee waived if I got a new one within 6 days. So I was able to waive it but it still went on my record. Or so they said. Pretty unfair if you ask me, since I was the one who got screwed in the whole deal. Oh well. This country's justice system just can't be the way we would like it to be, I suppose. :-(

  • Thorin

    When I was seventeen I rear-ended a woman who had no insurance and instead of ticketing me the cop gave the woman a ticket for driving without insurance. Oh what a beautiful world. :-)

  • FSUpaintball

    From Thorin: When I was seventeen I rear-ended a woman... Oh what a beautiful world.

    Congratulations. :-D

  • Thorin

    Funny... Very Funny

  • JJEternal

    When I was seventeen, I drank a very good beer...

  • David July

    You know, I have to say, I believe that is the very first Simpsons reference from not only you, but in the entire site. Very nice. And "go me" for recognising it, a rare occasion.

  • FSUpaintball

    I got the coolest gift for Christmas -- a Homer Simpson Bottle Opener. When you open a beer with it, homer says, "mmmmmmmm... beer... (pouring sound) ...ooh... YES, OH YES!!!! WOO-HOO!!!"

  • David July

    The following article (via talks about the people who were in charge of the animation behind the wonderful title sequence of Catch Me If You Can.

    [ read article ]

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