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Of Photos and Fundaments

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Happy Friday! I was thinking I would participate in the widely-known "Friday Five," but I did not care for the questions this week. Instead, I have a few little items and then I am off to have my tires balanced and possibly aligned.

First, this story from the BBC about unlicensed vendors in Swaziland, Africa showing the police a piece of their mind.
BBC: Swazi women bare bottoms to police
Little did the lone Swaziland police officer know what he was letting himself in for when he attempted to arrest a group of women fruit and vegetable vendors. [ full story ]
Next, since so many people have been searching for pictures of Frank Abagnale, Jr. and ending up here (after my review of Catch Me If You Can, I figured I might as well appease them.

frank abagnale photograph one
frank abagnale photograph two

And finally, a little shout-out to my friend Allen who was recently featured in Jacksonville's Florida Times-Union newspaper. Although he was miffed at the exclusion of the fact he won first place at recent Regional competitions and disappointed at the quality of the photograph, it still is pretty nifty. He says of the picture, "[It] looks better in the paper."
FTU: Skating toward elite ranks
Allen Davis is young enough to possess realistic expectations of reaching figure skating's elite level, but old enough to realize how far he has to go.

Davis, of Jacksonville, finished sixth in the novice division at last month's Eastern Sectional in Aston, Pa. By doing so, he earned the second alternate spot from the region for the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, scheduled to begin Sunday in Dallas. [ full story ]

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