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It's about that time

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Boys and girls, I have got to format my machine today. It will be my first reformat since upgrading from Windows 2000 Professional (still my favourite) to Windows XP Professional. In addition to the issue I already discussed with my system BIOS and ACPI, a number of other cute little issues have cropped up.*

As much of a pain in the ass as it can be, I really do love the format. That nice, fresh clean feeling afterwards makes it all worth while. As I write this, my self-written backup scripts are gathering and compressing all my important documents and settings so that I can safely stow them away on another PC while I do "the deed."

As obsessive-compulsive I can be about certain things, my computer is no exception. I maintain a directory of every application I have, along with any patches and upgrades. This saves me the time of having to find and re-download everything I already have and use. So while some people may still bitch and moan about the process, I really could not streamline it any more (unless I started drive imaging, but that is a pain in the ass in its own right).

* I was just remarking how pleased I was I hit day twelve of uptime with my machine. Normally I make many changes to the system that require a reboot, disallowing my ability to keep an accurate uptime count. But having made no such alterations as of late, my machine was just happily chugging along. Then the issues I have been experiencing all cropped up again, simultaneously, bringing Windows XP right to its knees. BSOD, eat your heart out; I made friends with the coveted "Stop Message" today (thrice).

In any event, enjoy the Super Bowl, Go Bucks and may the format gods be on my side today.

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  • bastard

    Actually, I stick my O/S (Win2K) and all of my apps on a single partition... other stuff on other partions... and I'm just about as obsesive as you are.. nice neat little patch folders. I back up to CD/R my data (including the patch folders, and image the partion with the O/S and apps. I use the latest version of Ghost (2003), and it is wayyyyyyy cool.

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