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Elected Hypocrisy

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I think most people here know my feelings as far as politics and war. So the following item really requires no further commentary by me, save stating that I hope if things get really bad, the powers that be have what alcoholics call "a moment of clarity" right before the atomic shockwave hits their smugness. Maybe then they will realise that they are pissing on the ideals upon which this country was founded in the search for a safer America and world, at the cost of non-American's, hell even now our own citizens' freedom, liberty and inalienable rights to exist how they choose, not how "we" picture they should be.

So now, near the anniversary of the Gulf War, on the heels of our other blunders around the world in the name of freedom and democracy and as we send more and more American troops into foreign lands where we are not invited, comes the following from the Commander In Chief.

Per the President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, a proclamation that 20 January 2003 be National Sanctity of Human Life Day. [ proclaimation ]

21 January 2003: "Ok, now that we have taken care of that, lets start World War III."

Bad Influence?

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I never really considered myself a bad influence. Well, right now, one mother is probably thinking I am. Several weeks ago, Rick approached me with questions about piercings. He said he was thinking of getting his eyebrow done. I told him I would take him to my piercer Josh at Exotica Body Art Studio. After that, it was only mentioned here or there. I figured he decided not to do it.

Well, today was the day. We payed Josh a little visit and Rick got some metal installed. Of course, like I told him repeatedly, it did not hurt. He is very happy with his new discovery of body modification, although I think it might be a while before he delves into the Labret he talked about or some ink. We shall see.

Police Love Me, Part II

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The headlight problem turned out to be a little more complex than I had anticipated. Whoever designed the engine compartment of the 1996 Honda Civic failed to take into consideration the installation and removal of the driver-side headlamp when placing large objects that do not remove easily directly behind it. This process of taking the power plug off, removing and replacing the lamp and plugging the power back in is quite a feat. Last time it took me two greasy hands, one bloody finger and about thirty to forty-five minutes.

I suspect that because the high beam of the bunk headlamp still works when asked to, that the wires connected to the low beam are simply not working. In any event, I have not been particularly looking forward to this project and therefore, like a good boy, have been putting it off.

Driving towards my destination, I peer in the rear-view and what do I see? Yes, more officers coming to get me.

Another bored Altamonte Springs city cop, he was not as nice as the others were. He looked rather young, too. Either way he must have been a rookie because he had to radio in my tag, driver's license and information rather than just use a laptop in his car connected to the FCIC/NCIC/DHSMV network.
Law Enforcement Officer: Good evening. May I have your driver's license and insurance.

Me: Sure. May I ask what this is about?

LEO: Yeah, your headlight's out.

Me: Yes, I know. I need to repair it.

LEO: Is your license suspended for any reason?

Me: Uh, no.

LEO: Ok, hold tight.
At this point, the LEO walks back to his car, sits on his hood (of his police-issued Chevrolet Impala ... mmm ... Impala) and radios in my information. He walks back to me, patiently sitting in my car waiting for him to wish me a good night. No, the third pullover could not possible be that easy!
LEO: Do you have any guns, drugs or weapons in the car?

Me: Uh, no.

LEO: Would you object to my searching your vehicle for illegal substances and items?

Me: Why, yes, actually I would object. I do not have anything illegal in this car. You would just be wasting both of our time.

LEO: *stares, somewhat shocked I refused*

Me: If I refuse, how does that affect this situation?

LEO: Well, it could be interpreted as coercion if I told you that, but since you seem pretty cool, I will tell you. If you consent to my search and I find nothing, you leave here and go on your way. If you do not consent to the search, I detain you, call the K9 unit out and they do a search of your car. Plus, as that search is taking place, I write you out a citation for the faulty equipment.

Me: You are an asshole! Fine, search the car.
I exit my car and stand where he tells me to stand. He gets ready to get inside and then stops to tell me this...
LEO: Let me explain something else, too. If you tell me right now that you have something in this car, you will get a notice to appear for a misdemeanour. That is all. If I find anything and you did not tell me about it, you are going to jail. Ok?

Me: *nods* Yup, sure.

LEO: Now, I know I am not going to find anything because you do not seem like the type.

Me: Well, fuck you buddy. Why the hell are you searching my fucking car then? *snicker*
He searches the seats, floor and centre console with his little flashlight while I stand by watching. More amused than pissed actually, but only slightly. He exits the car after a minute or two.
LEO: Well, if you had anything in there, which I believe you don't, I could not find it. Plus, my flashlight just died. So, here is your driver's license and stuff back.

Me: Ok, thanks. *roll eyes*
We chatted for another moment because I felt it necessary to feel like I was testing him. I admitted I was already familiar with his ability to search my vehicle regardless because he did indeed have probable cause to initiate the traffic stop. He was a little shocked when I started throwing his LEO terms right back at him. After that, he got a little nicer, but I was leaving anyway. I waved to him as I drove off. Pompous dick.

I am surprised he did not arrest me anyway for "suspicion of terrorism" and hold me without the benefit of due process, counsel or being formally charged. Oh, wait. That is a rant an entry for another day.

Sorry to disappoint you

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I, like any other website manager or owner, checks from time to time the statistics that are automatically gathered about the site, including numbers of hits, referrers, most popular times of day, etc. Mine also list what search engine phrases or words people looked for to eventually get to my site.

In addition to the keywords and description of the site I have provided, search engines will automatically visit, scan and record words written on the site. Many personal site commentaries will occasionally include amusing such search terms, often relating to nothing on the site they visited.

Straight men and lesbians around the world must be getting awfully pissed off at me these days. Click Here to see what happens if you search for the phrase "Playboy™ Lingerie Calendar" at

Search Results: Page One, Site Two.

And according to the statistics, there are many people who visit looking for that content. Ha!


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Either television and film composer John Williams or regular project partner, director Steven Spielberg has a special place in their heart for late nineteenth century classical composer Antonín Dvorák (1841 — 1904).

As I was laying down to go to sleep, I was listening to local NPR affiliate, WMFE 90.7 FM, noted for their concentration and dedication to not only classical, but also international, new age and other non-mainstream forms of music. The announcer stated they were going to play the rather famous "New World" symphonies by Dvorák and so it began with Symphony Number 7 in D minor, Op. 70. As it played on, I was stirred from my impending sleep by it sounding familiar to me. Not because I own copies of Dvorák's best known pieces, but because it sounded similar to something it should not have: a mainstream recording.

I picked it out immediately. The theme, rhythm and possibly even the notes themselves were remarkably similar to portions of the John Williams soundtrack to film Catch Me If You Can. A second portion of Symphony Number 7 (or perhaps 8, because I was not entirely sure where one stopped and the other began) sounded like one of the other themes in Catch Me If You Can.

I am not placing blame or making accusations as far as a lack of originality on behalf of Williams, but the similarity was enough to draw my attention to it whilst attempting to sleep. What really got me on this tangent was when during a movement of Symphony Number 9 I heard what could only be a precursor to the Jaws theme.

Of course, Williams scored the Jaws film soundtrack as well. And lest I forget the fact that Spielberg directed both films. If I am crazy and am simply drawing patterns where none intentionally exists, so be it; there are only so many notes, patterns and ways to perform music. But, if I am correct in my conclusion that there was some inspiration here, I cannot think of a classical composer I would rather see receive a modern-day nod.