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Kill Bill

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Quentin Tarantino's new film Kill Bill, promoted by studio Miramax as "The 4th film by Quentin Tarantino," has released a teaser trailer that is available to download from who else but Apple. There is also an official Flash-only website for the film that does not contain much content at this time.

I cannot say that the teaser really got me excited about the film, but I have to give Quentin Tarantino some leeway since he is Quentin Tarantino and has yet to lead me up the garden path.

As much as I generally steer away from such materials, Jean-François Allaire has a (non-spoiler) script review posted at TNMC that rekindles my interest a bit. My only fear is that this homage to traditional Kung-Fu will be all too reminiscent of the recent trendy Asian-themed film, which not to say I do not enjoy, but does not really meld with the Tarantino style as far as I am concerned. Again, I wait for him to prove me wrong. As it stands, a piece of alleged trivia listed in the IMDb page for the movie indicates Tarantino "forbade the use of digital effects and 'professional' gags and squibs" for a more tralatitious look and feel. That at least improves my confidence in the film.

Currently the only release date indicated is Fall 2003, so we will have to wait a bit before we have the opportunity to see if this film can prove itself worthy of the tradition and legacy already established. And I will give it that chance, even sans the guns and drugs we look to expect from arguably one of the finest and most influential directors of film in the 90's.