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IRS = I'm Really Screwed

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I had mentioned before my elation over not only filing my taxes online, but doing it all by myself. I was also looking for the refund being automatically and electronically deposited into my checking account.

Well, the checking account information I provided is no longer valid. I called H&R Block to ask what I could do to possibly change this information before the IRS attempts the wire transfer. They do not know. Excuse me, "tax professionals," you do not know what to do if you need to change the direct deposit figures? No, they do not. Fucking unbelievable. And to think people let them do their taxes outright and pay for that service, to boot!

Me: Hi, I need to change the direct deposit information for my taxes which I filed 11 February 2003 using your online service. Do you know what I need to file with the IRS in order to accomplish this?

H&R Block "Tax Professional": You filed at

Me: Yes, that is correct.

TP: Okay, you need to contact our online help line...

Me: ...right, but I mean is there not just a form I can fill out?

TP: Uh, well... I am not sure. If you filed online, then you need to call our online help number.

She even asked her co-worker who concluded the online help was the way to go. Yeah, well aside from technical issues, the online help is $20.00. Uh, no.

So I called the IRS. Every person when they get on the telephone with you gives you an ID number.

IRS: Thank you for calling the Internal Revenue Service, my name is Bob, 31-09985. How may I help you today?

Me: Yes, I would like to change my direct deposit information from my e-filed taxes. How do I do this?

31-09985: Uh, okay, well let me transfer you to the "Procedures" department where they can tell you exactly why you cannot do that. Please hold.
I shit you not, that is exactly what he said. So I get transferred to the "Procedures" department where another number talks to me. 75-15917 tells me that there is no changing the direct deposit information once they have entered your original submission into their computer. No, instead of being able to change two tiny number strings I have to wait for the wire transfer to fail and get returned to the IRS. Then they will issue me a paper check via post. My refund ETA just went from 25 February 2003 to that plus four (4) weeks.

All this aside, I do highly recommend the H&R Block free e-file programme for anyone. The step-by-step questionnaire was very simple to complete and written for people who are not accountants. The process is free if your adjusted gross income is less than $28,000.00.


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While it may turn out to be in the same vain as that band I will never start, I have been shooting around the idea of a tattoo for a while. I decided long ago it would be something original, around 1x1 inch and on my right shoulder.

There is a pendant I found online that I have been playing with in drawing, coming up with something based upon it. You can see the original pendant here. Since my scanner is still not working I cannot show you my conceptual modifications, but the image really gives the idea fully.

Now all I need is some money, decide between the three tattoo artists who all said they wanted to do any work I decided to get done and actually get the balls to do it.


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I have had considerable difficulty locating complete and decent quality MP3 copies of the following two songs. If anyone can locate them, I would very much appreciate receiving a forwarded copy.
Lords of Acid - Lady Marmalade Got it!
Luna Chique - Liquid Space Got it!
I have been looking periodically for a little over a year with no luck. I like the Liquid Space song so much I would purchase it, but I would rather not import the LP from England. Hell, I cannot even play an LP.

Yup, that is about it for now. Happy Valentine's Day (even if you are single, lonely and depressed). Do not forget to send your mother flowers.


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Thanks to "Said Boy," I now have copies of four more discs from the "Euphoria" electronic music series. Volume One and Volume Three are much like the other two-disc sets I have, Volume Two, Euphoria Ibiza and Euphoria Chilled (do not own, but have heard in its entirety). Of course, I still have Volumes One and Three (along with others in the series) on my Amazon Wish List, because you know how I love having the entire original package. However, at the price these go for and my current lack of regular income, a burnt copy will do me just nicely.

New York bans mobiles in theatres

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There are some things that should simply be a matter of common sense. However, since most people upon being hit beside the head with a large cast iron frying pan still do not have a lick of commonsensible thought, perhaps certain legislation is required. Ever popular the deterrent of fines to correct socially insufferable behaviour, New York city has decided to ban the use of or active possession (ringing, beeping and such) of mobile telephones and pagers in concerts, cinemas, theatres, museums and libraries. [ article ]

Under the guise of it being let another unenforceable law, Mayor Michael Bloomberg opposed this legislation, which passed despite his objection. And I cannot say I disagree with him. While nothing more aggravates me then some jack off gabbing on the telephone in the middle of a film, I do not really see the $50.00 fine doing much to prevent this. As it is obnoxious individuals are often left to talk loudly, throw things and point laser dots about the theatre without any or much dissent from the staff. Perhaps simply being an asshole should carry a $50.00 fine.