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Wash and, uh, a wax

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I happened upon the following AOL personal homepage text by following a user link from the illustrious and often squalid chat room. I have redacted, as indicated by the square-bracketed ellipsis, any contact information, but otherwise it is verbatim as far as spelling, punctuation and grammar.
[...]'s Home Cleaning
{picture of the individual here}

Basic Facts
Clean your home to your needs. It will be done the way you ask. 100% Most Homes are $75.00 It will be spotless when I leave for your enjoyment. Clean up after a party? Short notice cleaning? Call me [...] So give me a ring you wont regret.

Bathrooms, Kitchen, Vaccuming, Dusting, Glass Sliding Doors, and anything else you desire.

My Online Life
Contact me on estimates and prices .
Uh, so could this be construed as anything but a pay-for-sex advert? Sure, my "blinds" may need a "dusting" and who cannot stand to have their "glass doors" given a good "washing?"

This brings up an interesting idea. I could use the money and, well, that other thing is nice, too. Maybe I should invest in some Windex®, paper towels and a mop. Yeah, or not.

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  • Syelence

    Ahhhh... but the question is: Do you vacuum?

    I know -- cheap and cheesy but it was just so perfect...

    There -- I fucking I am going to go back to work damnit!!!

    ::: looks about slyly :::

    ::: restarts her little game of solitaire :::

  • Bush Whacker

    Instead of being taken to the cleaners, one can get taken by the cleaners...

    How much fun would that be?!

  • Syelence

    Well that all depends...on what you are wearing when you get taken...

    or not wearing...

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