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Cake or Death?

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I had just written a rather large, mostly rambling post which after finishing I realised served its purpose without needing to publish it beyond my own screen. So instead, I would like to take a very brief moment to bring to your attention two comedians who I was only recently introduced, both incidentally from the UK.

First, there is the deliciously amusing Eddie Izzard whose Dress to Kill stand-up special was my introduction to his unique style and linguistic genius. The self-proclaimed "action transvestite," Izzard does not feel the need to dote on his sexuality incessantly and instead only tells a few stories about his childhood that are amusing to say the least. I look forward to having the opportunity to see more of his works, which if are anything like Dress to Kill will leave you laughing to death.

Now equally funny, but in a different genre and format, is the flamboyant Graham Norton. Norton is the host of a variety-type talk show called So Graham Norton which features a brief stand-up routine (much like the beginning of Letterman and Leno), a guest, an audience participation skit and finally a musical or comedy act. Norton's show is a fabulous upgrade from those other programmes, in the lack of censorship that the BBC show enjoys.

So, yeah, that is all for now. Check them out and prepare to be floored from laughter.

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  • FSUpaintball

    I've seen Izzard, I think on Comedy Central. (s)he is funny.

  • Syelence

    Eddie Izzard and a bottle of wine makes for a bloody good night...

    Dressed to Kill is hilarious...

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