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Wheel of Stupidity

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Why does every contestant on Wheel of Fortune insist on spending their well-earned prize money buying vowels? This is ridiculous. If the phrase GO TO H_LL is on the board, do you really need to purchase that "E" to figure it out? Just solve the god damn puzzle, will ya? Further, by filling out more of each word than necessary, you may actually be helping your fellow players figure out the puzzle whereas before they might have not really known a word.

I did do a search online to try to find the official show rules to no avail. I thought perhaps there might be a rule stipulating you must purchase so many vowels per round or if you have so much money. If not, then people are just stupid. Here is my positive message to all of those people who needlessly purchase vowels: F_CK Y_U. There, solve that.

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  • JJEternal

    Dave, that word (H_LL) could easily also be hAll or hUll or hIll, so that case buying the E would be necessary.

    Also, I'm not sure what you mean by FICK YAU.

  • FSUpaintball


  • David July

    In the context of the cases I have seen where needless vowel purchases occurred, it was more than beyond clear the intended word.

    Further, "go to hill" and your other examples do not exactly make sense.

  • Syelence

    FACK YEE = type of herbal tea...good for erections...hehehehe

    I personally am a vowel purchaser...saves the trouble of trying to figure the shit out later...


    see what I mean ??

  • Allstarme79

    Does anyone remember way back when on "Wheel" when the contestants got to go shopping in that big roundy living room? My favorite was always the white porcelain afghan hound statue. No one ever bought it but it was loads of fun watching them pick out items in that short amount of time. *Sigh* when tv used to be good.

  • Syelence

    They had the tackiest stuff!!!!!!! Oh gawd...their selection of little figurines and brass candleholders was to die for...

    but it was fun to watch them scramble to get the "good" stuff... they always missed something really cool becaue it was out of camera range...

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