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I think Orlando is collapsing in on itself these days. It seems every time I meet someone new, they have direct or indirect connections to other people I know: friends, ex-boyfriends or ex-whatevers. The worst part is that this trend is getting worse and worse by the day. Kevin Bacon can turn invisible for all I care; that guy has got nothing on my degrees of separation.

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  • Tyler_Durden

    it's not right to say that with out giving some recent come on what brought you to this post?

  • David July

    Unfortunately I am not as cool as LeVar Burton, so you are going to just going to have to take my word for it.

  • Thorin

    I think if you tend to become a regular everywhere you hange out this is bound to happen. Look at the whole Yab Yum experience everyone knew everyone else through somebody there too. It just so happens that now everybody has slept with each other.

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