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As Useless As Thought

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A few days back I mentioned having located my site on the fantasy blog stock market site, BlogShares. Well, after reading a little bit more about this game, I feel that it was a waste of time to have mentioned it at all. The value of a blog is determined by the number of outgoing and incoming links, as determined from having an active Blogrolling link collection on your site. While I do use the Blogrolling programme and think it to be a very nice system, I prefer to use the link management script I wrote. I like to off-link nothing from the site that could possibly cause non-loading in the event of a network or system error somewhere else. Due to this fact, it is unlikely I will be indexed very high on their scale unless they change the method of determining traffic.

And with that, Happy Easter. I am off to a cook-out with boys.

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