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Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974
Found in an attic, these retro recipe cards offer up a nauseous insight into the lose-weight-now programme of the early 70's. Be sure to check out the author commentary for each card.

The Safeway Ultimate Shopper
A whole new spin on defrauding stores keeping gigantic databases of your shopping habits, this guy will send you a sticker of his Safeway card bar-code so that when you make a purchase, it goes on his account.

What is Queer Food?
An entertaining article discussing the nature of what foods homosexuals like to eat and very thorough discussions as to why that is fact.

24th Century Interior Design
This British ex-DJ (due to a "run of bad luck") now spends his time creating rooms designed and furnished to give the appearance of a room on the Enterprise. Twisted, yet fascinating.

Evil, Evil Crafts
Select finds from garage sales including t-shirts you would not wear if it meant your life, needless complex and somewhat distasteful cake decorations and various other craft ideas that were immediately tossed upon initial creation.

MS Paint Porn
Pornographic images created using the world's foremost leader in electronic digital graphic design and manipulation, Microsoft Paint. You know you made these sorts of images when you were younger and using Windows 3.1.

Lessons In Normalcy, Part II

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First, I will start with the entries I alluded to yesterday. Have you seen the new Oreo® Cookies that boast dual-flavour cream centres? There is an advert on television featuring blue-collar workers during their lunch break. An African-American man has the "Mint 'n Cream" Double Delight much to the amazement and jealously of his co-workers, who then try to offer their desserts in exchange for one of these new cookies. The bald man with the beard, moustache and cupcakes makes me laugh so hard. Reminding me physically of Clint Howard, this guy's final line of "Eight cupcakes!" is stupidly amusing.

Next, we have some bitching about the waste of money organisation, the United States Department of Homeland Security's preparedness website designed for citizens, I have made some comments here and there about it, but have you really ever gone to this site and read the material presented. I feel like we are back in the 60's again with the scare-tactic propaganda. Even if terrorism is a threat, I have to wonder if the employments of these tactics are being used to help gain popular support for the controversial, to mention nothing of expensive, security initiatives going through Congress. That was rhetorical, by the way. You should go and print out the instructions and information presented on their site, pinning them up on your wall in the event of a cataclysmic terrorist attack. God knows ducking under a table with your hands over your head is going to provide live-saving protection in the event of a biological or nuclear attack.

I was recently laughed at for my irrational fear of spiders. I feel the fear is irrational simply because I think people should not be scared of most of the things we fear. They are generally harmless, smaller and less intelligent then us. None the less, the fear exists and so I thought I would share now the story behind my arachnophobia. I believe I was twelve or so and was participating in an emergency communications exercise though an amateur radio organization I was a part of at the time. This twenty-four hour event took place at a church or scout camp situated in the woods not too far to the present location of the West Oaks Mall in west Orlando. I was in charge of desktop workstations that were used to log all communications during this exercise. At some point during the overnight, someone wanted to use the radio located in the most remote building of the complex, which had been shutdown due to inactivity. I was asked by this individual to accompany them, get the workstation online and make sure everything was ready for his use. As I entered the rooms walking toward the back where we had the station set-up, I rubbed the walls looking for the light switches. Finally, we arrived at the proper room where I began getting the computer ready for use. Something caught my attention to the right peripherally so I looked. Covering the far walls, floor and ceiling were fully-grown, large adult wolf spiders. I turned and looked back at the way I came in and saw they were there as well, hideously close to those light switches I had just before flipped without looking first. I worked with a swiftness getting that workstation ready for use and then hauled ass running out of that building and all the way back to the other, less secluded buildings. Since then I have been pretty intimidated by any spiders the size of a half-dollar coin (including leg span) or larger.

You Mac-lovers out there can laugh at this. I tried today to eject the CD in my drive by dragging it's icon to the trash. Um, yeah, you cannot do that in Windows XP Professional even though my "recycle bin" icon is labelled "Trash" and looks like the OS X icon.

Finally, some select search terms people used at Google or other engines and came to Mount Sutro.
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There are many others, but most of them revolved around lingerie, Playboy®, Mount Sutro and pictures of Tallahassee.

Lessons In Normalcy

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After a brief hiatus aside from a few posts in the forum, I am back and just filled to the brim with several topics to address now and some I will save for later.

The remodelling of the kitchen in my house is progressing along quite nicely. I know I have not previously mentioned it here, but this project involved the complete redesign, gutting and fresh installation of all cabinets, floors, ceilings, countertops and some appliances. My stepfather, a carpenter in addition to a barber, is the primary person installing everything. As this project proceeded, the adjacent living area also became fodder for upgrades and now has new furniture, paint, windows and a fan. While it has been oh so much fun living in a virtual construction yard for the past six months, the projects are finally winding down. The new granite countertops, cherry cabinets, black refrigerator, raised ceiling, tile floor (pending) and total redevelopment of the kitchen space is beautiful.

As a result of the new refrigerator, there is now one for sale for any interested parties in the Orlando, Florida area. It is a Whirlpool EB19MK Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with 19.1 cubic feet of space and the following dimensions: 32.75 x 66.25 x 29.00 (Width, Height and Depth in Inches). Anyone wanting more information should contact me.

After my excitement over acceptance into the network programme at ITT Technical Institute and then the subsequent let down from the lack of financial aid available to me (due mainly to the ridiculous rules and operating procedures of the United States Department of Education), another possible option became available to me. I received an e-mail from the associate who was helping me though the admissions process in which he gleefully reported that I need not give up, because the co-signer requirements for the loan and the $100.00 admission fee would be waived. The only catch to this arrangement was the fact classes (taught in an accelerated fashion) had already been in session for two weeks and that I had less than forty-eight (48) hours to decide. Having already put the idea of ITT out of my head, I was not initially thrilled about this plan. Further, the more I got to thinking about it, the more I realised how I felt I was being jerked around. I e-mailed back indicating I would accept this offer only if it could be guaranteed to me to be valid at the next start of classes. Here was the exact reply from the representative:
Dear David;

Thank you for your reply. Yesterday was my off day so I want to answer today your E-mail.

Unfortunately, the offer was only good for late students who would like to begin for march session. Now the time is over and we are under regular basis again.

Please consider June 16 as the new starting date and if you would like to apply for that, we only need to resume your application process.

Thank you and have a good day.
I have a Seminole Community College brochure now and will be looking into entering their AA networking programme. ITT can go fuck themselves, because I will be damned if I am going to pay that much money to start weeks behind.

I was stung on the hand this past Saturday four times by a yellow jacket, a first for me. For those of you who have not had this pleasant experience, let me tell you it burns. A lot. The application of ammonia helped greatly, but even today the area where I was stung is still a bit swollen and sore.

The Greek themed dinner and a movie party I attended at Erica and David's with The Boy and Tallahassee Chris was a blast. The Boy and I made and brought Skordalia (Greek Potato and Garlic Dip) as our item. We were rather disappointed with the dish and its inappropriate thickness. Well, without my knowing, The Boy spent the next day remaking the dish by himself in the hope of perfecting it more. While an improvement over the original, we are still unsure why it is so much thicker than we think it should be for a dip. I did enjoy the taste, though and brought fresh baby carrots to enjoy with the dip. By the end of the night, the dish of dip was empty so I guess it went over well. Oh, and I got good and inebriated beyond comparison for the first time in a long time.

Okay, I think that is good enough for now. Coming up soon: New Oreo® Cookies, Arachnophobia and The United States Department of Homeland Security.