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On the Road Again

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Well, almost. Chris came by this afternoon and picked me up so that I could go to my insurance company office (all the way in Ocoee, of all places) to sign the power of attorney/title transfer and get my check. It turns out I owed a bit less on my bank loan than I expected so my total payout came to $4205.66, which should be enough to set myself up with something decent.

After taking care of that business and doing a courier run (Chris' job), we stopped and ate at The Olive Garden before heading over Firestone for the free concert night I mentioned before. It was not packed busy, but a good crowd turned out for a series of really great performances by Widelife ("I Don't Want You"), Tamia ("Officially Missing You"), Abigail ("Set Me Free") and Thunderpuss' DJ Barry Harris ("Dive In The Pool").

The crowd was very much more a local gathering than the previous night's experience at Southern, where I barely recognised anyone there. I imagine this was a result of the Firestone event being advertised only on our local "party" radio station and not at all in any of the Gay Days official publications. It was a great time and am glad Chris told me I was going. Damn, though, my ears are still ringing. But it was well worth it!

Friday I will be doing normal boring things around the house earlier on, but the evening remains open. Ernie and crowd said they would likely be doing an amusement park during the day, but I may join them in the evening. And then, of course, Saturday is the Magic Kingdom day, which I am now officially excited about attending.

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