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Homosexual Días

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I just got home this afternoon, official concluding my Gay Days weekend. I went over to Chris' house on Friday night so that he would not have to pick me up to go to Disney the next day. I talked to Ernie that night about getting together, but as the night quickly grew into morning, I decided just to stay in and get some rest for the day ahead.

Disney was a lot of fun, much more than I had imagined it would be. Chris and I arrived just a bit behind schedule and met up with a few friends of his with whom we spent a better part of the day together. It was a great time walking around, checking everyone out and of course, riding the rides. It had been a few years since I was at the Magic Kingdom. Somehow with the who-knows-how-many visitors, I managed to run into a whole bunch of people I know from around town (maybe ten or fifteen people) and even Ernie and the gang. With the exception of a few downpours, the rain was relatively mild and knowing our wonderful summer weather here, could have been much worse. It was great watching some more femme guys running for cover in the rain. Hell, one was even skipping through the rain, gay as could be (pun intentional). The Thunder Mountain Railroad ride had been closed when we all originally went to ride it, but after Chris' friends left we rode a quite a bit of rides just the two of us, that one included. I was wearing the requisite red garb, in my case a tank top I would have never even thought about wearing fifteen pounds ago. I even managed to get just a bit of sun, too, but not too much.

I ended up getting to ride just about everything I wanted before Chris and I decided to head back to his place in order to grab some food, get all pretty and head out to the Parliament House to check the scene out there and watch Cyndi Lauper perform. The length of the show itself was rather disappointing (only thirty or so minutes) and the drink ticket bullshit he mentions should never be repeated again. We milled about and checked things out before and after the concert prior to just deciding to get on our way (last call was past and we were out of cash). We spent Sunday together just hanging out and watching marathon Star Trek: The Next Generation (hold your comments: it is the only television show I really enjoy). And well, I guess that is about it.

Speaking of that troublemaker Ernie, after I submit this I am going to be heading back down to their hotel to have dinner and hang out again before him, Mike and Don all fly back to the city by the bay. Oh, and I got the pictures back from the other night so I will be going through those soon and putting them in my Gallery. Their pictures will be coming soon too, as soon as they get back and have a chance to e-mail them to me. Well, with that I am off...

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  • JJEternal

    I think I watched that whole ST:TNG marathon too. There was nothing else on TV and I was hiding from work. Damn good episodes too.

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