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All Good Things...

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Ok, so I lied. My Gay Days is now officially over and I am tired. Ernie, the gang and I ended up going to dinner at the local Jungle Jim's and then to Disney's Pleasure Island where we danced, drank and checked out the scene until the early morning. It would be out last time to hang out together as their flight left in the afternoon yesterday. Last night I was taken out to dinner by my friend Frankie and then the two of us hung out with Travis downtown. We ended up talking and drinking until late until Frankie realised he needed to get home to bed in order to go to work Wednesday.

In other news:
  • I really need to purchase a vehicle before this week is over.

  • Chris has been helping me locate used vehicles that might just work for me.

  • I have a job interview I am excited about on Friday.

  • I have said it before, but XM Radio fucking rocks, especially Channel 81, BPM.

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