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Vroom! Vroom!

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Yeah, so I went and bought myself a car yesterday! I borrowed my mothers' Impala, picked up Chris and went tooling around looking at different auto dealerships, used car lots and so-called "buy here, pay here" joints. It was rather entertaining trying to be sold on purchasing any variety of the Civics I viewed. One dealership in particular tried to sell me hard, working with my $4000 offer but never really giving me what I wanted. We had been at it for a few hours and were just about to toss in the towel when we made one last stop before heading back to find food.

Only thirty or so minutes after making that last ditch effort, I was driving away in my new car with Chris in the Impala behind me. I got a Black 1994 Honda Civic EX Coupe 5-Speed. There are only a few minor items that could use some attention, but with them I am not concerned. The car drives nicely and seems to have been taken care of over the years. The interior is nearly perfect and the body only has a few minor dings here and there. The windows are tinted, there is a power sunroof (something I have wanted for a while) and a Sony CD player that works, but needs to be rewired (memory is lost when car is off). The only major item that requires attention is the air conditioning, which is not functioning. It could just need a Freon recharge or perhaps the compressor itself is shot. I plan to hit up an air conditioning repair facility that offers free estimates in order to determine what the problem is there. I thought the power door locks were malfunctioning at first, but then I remembered today how Honda configures them to prevent one from locking their keys inside.

The best part about this whole deal is the price. The dealer was asking $6000 for the car. The resold dealer value I found to be approximately $5500, with all the features included. Now consider we arrived at this lot about thirty minutes before they were set to close. Suffice it to say, the staff was helpful, but did recommend perhaps waiting until Monday to think and make a decision. After taking a short test drive down SR 50, I made my offer of $4000 cash inclusive of tax, tag and title and the salesperson, Edwin, took it to his manager. When he came back, I was told that the manager was made aware of my offer and that we would be able to negotiate. The price went back and forth, but in the end my initial offer stood. Their only prerequisite was that I purchased the car right then and with cash.

As I was able to negotiate the price down to $4000, I still have about $200 with which to use on possible repairs or maintenance. Needless to say, I am very excited to be in an automobile of my own again. I was two days shy of one full month of non-mobility since the "white Civic" was in the accident. Moreover, it is paid for and done with: no more car payments!

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  • flcute76

    i can say having been there during all that i can say that i was probably just as excited as david was when they told us $4000... i was like jump on that? its a sexy car and its everything that you want its a great price... and i think we were both giddy for a few minutes... cuz neither of us thought he was gonna buy a car that day... and i mean man he really screwed them big time... and with no lube either LOL

  • FSUpaintball

    Hey, good job. I hope the extra money is enough to cover AC repairs. It's no fun owning a black car in FL's summer with no AC.

    You got the good color, too. I almost got a black '97 before settling on my Accord. I hope the tint is black, too.

  • Thorin

    Ooh, ooh, five speed civic, I can't wait to drive it.

  • FSUpaintball

    One thing I never learned to do was drive a stickshift :-(

    My Accord is an Automatic :-(

    Oh well, that's on my "to do" list for now

  • Thorin

    It's the only way to drive.

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