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Phase Two: Complete

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New job? Looks that way.
As a result of last Friday's interview? Nope.
Cryptic on purpose? Of course.

Details to come soon, so keep your panties twist-free.

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  • JJEternal

    Half the reason I keep coming back is the suspense.

    Dave should end all of his posts with "to be continued..."

  • Syelence

    But I know... (insert evil laughter here)

  • Thorin

    Phase Two, the reckoning

    coming in:
    June, 2003

  • LoveStory

    Dave ~~~

    I can't hold up my end of the bargain yet. I have to take Khris to San Francisco first, otherwise he'll kill me. He has also added San Diego, NYC, and Boston to the list...

    Btw, when can you meet up with us in Tampa? He wants to meet some of my friends *** shiver ***


  • David July

    Nate: this has e-mail/AIM written all over it...

  • Thorin

    There is a juicy story here, I can smell it.

  • Syelence

    Personally I think it involves sausage...

    (David for your reference - you JUST left my house)

  • flcute76

    Dammit Erica! Don't encourage him? I'm trying to get him to stop sayin that. Its funny but damn, its a tad annoying... lol

  • David July

    Now seems like the right time to announce the publishing of my new book: Better Living Through Sausage


  • Syelence

    Okay... just to be an ass...

    How many sausages can you name??

    (Sorry, I have to encorage him, its fuckin amusing!)

  • LoveStory

    I haven't had sausage in a while...

    Dave, I haven't seen you on AIM in like ages Then again, I too have been caught up in some work!

    I'm not sure if you met Khris when I was back in Vegas, but he's in Tampa now... and of course, ready to marry *blah* ... and demanding I take him places on my days off

    I'll let you know when he wants to do whOrlando


  • JJEternal

    Anyone else disturbed by Dave changing his avatar to a large phallic object?

  • David July

    Well I knew phalli had to enter this conversation eventually, but I figured the catalyst would be the ongoing sausage commentary, not a picture of Sutro Tower. By the way, the avatar change was prompted by Chris who felt the lizard did not adequately represent me. I figured this was appropriate at least until I find something he likes I like.

    But Scott, maybe you uncovered something here. Could my fixation with Sutro Tower have some sort of inner Freudian meaning?

  • Syelence

    I agree on the lizard thing...and the phallic thing for that matter...why don't you stop mincing words and just find a picture of a nice penis and use that as your avatar?

  • LoveStory

    *hides my ghirardelli chocolates*

    B A C K O F F


  • Allstarme79

    Did anyone else notice that this thread has gone to 16 comments and we STILL don't know about Dave's new job?

  • David July

    I did, actually and was quite amused by this as well. I am still waiting for an absolute yes from the company in question and should hear something no later than the start of next week.

    I will say that half of the responsibility of this job is managing two offices computer systems. The other half is non-IT related.

    Ok, my marketing manager says that is enough for now.

  • FSUpaintball

    That sounds like my job.

  • flcute76

    I however, like Erica, know the truth hehehehehehehe

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