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Today is one of those "better just post some links" days. So without further introduction or delay, here are some I recently enjoyed.
Oppose Writing Intolerance into the U.S. Constitution
Send your representatives an free ACLU-drafted letter or fax opposing the amendment of the US Constitution to specifically declare "marriage" or any derivation thereof, a union between a man and woman.

Moral Dilemma
A brief and humorous discussion about modern thinking.

Gay Marriage Etiquette
Now that Canada has legalised a form of homosexual marriage, there are new rules and superstitions to learn about.

Terms of Venery and Collective Nouns
Let not the title scare you, this writing about categorisations such as "pride of lions" is quite funny.

How two students built an A-bomb
An article about the 1964 secret US "Nth Country Project" designed to see how easy it would be for other nations to develop nuclear weapon technology. [ via ]

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