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Supreme Court: Texas Gay Sex Ban Overturned

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Congratulations to the Supreme Court for doing its job by protecting the citizens of the United States and the Constitution.
The US Supreme Court has struck down a ban on homosexual sex in Texas, in what is being seen as the most significant gay-rights case in many years. The 6-3 decision reversed a ruling 17 years ago that the state could punish homosexuals for engaging in sex with consenting adults.

The case was brought by two Texas men who were caught having sex on private premises in 1998. They have argued that the state's sodomy law unfairly infringes their right to privacy and to the equal protection of the law. [ full story ] - [ analysis article ]
In other news...
Californian voters have backed a pre-emptive move to ban official recognition of gay marriages. Proposition 22 – which calls for a ban on recognising such marriages – was passed by 61%-39%.

Sponsored by Republican state senator Pete Knight, it was the most controversial of 20 propositions on the Super Tuesday presidential primary ballot.

Supporters of Proposition 22 said it would protect Californians from the consequences of legal moves in states like Vermont, where legislation for same-sex marriage is forging ahead. [ full story ]

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  • FSUpaintball

    Like the saying goes, two things come from Texas: Steers and dumbass rednecks who think bedroom activities should be public domain only if you do it in the butt.

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