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Short and Sweet

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While I really do not feel like getting into each and every detail of my day, the first day at the office went very well. I have already learned a quite a bit of material, even if only skeletal, to the operation of this business and real estate companies in general. It should be a pretty interesting week overall and I can say I am actually looking forward to it.

One more thing I had forgotten to mention previously, when I went to the dealer two Saturday's ago to pick-up the registration for my new car, I was also told I was due a refund of $4.15 bringing my total paid-out price for the vehicle, tax, tag and title to $4011.85. Needless to say, I was amused to be getting a refund from the dealer, albeit a rather insignificant one (the $4.00 went to Dean, my favourite bartender at Southern Nights in the form of gratuity).

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