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Little. Yellow. Drunk.

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I just spent one hell of a night with Ernie (the self-proclaimed "short, insecure, apathetic Chinese guy that has a web page with a catchy domain name"), his boyfriend Mike and their friend Don. They are here for a week for a little vacation and to visit Orlando for Gay Days. I took them downtown to show them the ten seconds there is too see there and ate at Geno's Pizza on Orange Avenue before driving over to Southern where I got us all in for free and then drank for free until midnight. It was a great time drinking, chatting and even dancing a bit before heading back to their hotel room where we took a bunch of silly pictures (coming soon) before I headed back home.

It is now pretty late and I am quite tired myself so witty blogalisms will just have to wait. I am planning on getting together with them again before they leave, hopefully on Friday night and of course, the obligatory meeting during the Saturday Magic Kingdom run.

Well that is about it for now. Boy I could go for an In-n-Out with Fries run about now.

A Reason To Believe In Astrology

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From David Well's horoscopes, this week's entry for Virgo:
If you are a single then it's about time you got out there and took advantage of Uranus, he is asking you to create a little magic in your love life – snap to it!
With Gay Days here in Orlando this week, it is too bad I am an Aquarius! Speaking of Gay Days, I will be doing my first Disney Magic Kingdom visit during this time as a result of my friend Chris having an extra ticket. I had thought I might get to go to the Parliament House Saturday night party as well, but that is looking ever more unlikely. I am also going to go with Chris Thursday night to a free show at Firestone which sounds to be pretty badass. Finally, I am going to try to get together tonight to meet one of my favourite bloggers over dinner and drinks.

Exposures from Beyond

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While talking to someone online tonight, I directed him to the Gallery to check out some of the pictures I have taken. Since he particularly enjoyed the one I took of my reflection at The Waverly, I pointed out the shadow picture I took in Jacksonville. While in that album, he writes back to me.

Chad: i swear, i think i've seen some of those pics before
David: Which ones? MY pictures?
Chad: yeah
David: Odd
Chad: i think it was from a paranormal site
David: I find it highly unlikely they were my pictures then. Can you find the site?
Chad: no, it was a while ago
Chad: i think they thought your smoke pics were something else
Chad: cause those were the exact pics

Next began my Google Image search. The first search I tried yielded a very interesting result.

David: Well I will be god damned!
David: I found that site...
David: But it is no longer online, it would appear.
David: Google Image Search
David: Hold on...
David: I found the new site where they are at here.
David: Well I can see why they look similar.
David: They are in fact different photographs, but it looks like they tried to make something supernatural out of nothing.

If you go to that second link, the new location of the photographs, you will find that the pictures are broken images. Well, when they changed from the original site to the new one, they linked the pictures with capital extensions even though they are lower-case. Look at them here and here.

So instead of having to draw up some cease and desist e-mail's, I got a good laugh out of the deal. Apparently, people try to take pictures of "dust plasma," a remnant effect from the presence of a supernatural being. I would say the photographs from the cemetery above were probably taken in the same fashion as I: snapping a flash picture into exhaled cigarette smoke.