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It is funny to me how sometimes I could sit and write about various things, both true and fictional for hours on end without interruption. Then there are the other times where I cannot prevent myself from being sidetracked despite having a lot of thoughts and ideas I wish to express. Tonight is one of those nights where I sit with Word open for hours and literally type nothing. There is really no point after sitting here for this long happily distracted by websites and online communiqués in trying to commit myself to producing anything constructive tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

But while I am thinking about it the software that runs the Gallery is apparently unhappy, making captions for the photographs do odd things. Look for updated software, new albums and corrected captions at some point this week. I have also removed commenting capabilities from the Gallery as the Forum is a fine local for any such commentary. Also, someone felt it necessary to post some hate-filled homophobic statements. I laughed at them mostly because the comments were posted for pictures of my old Civic rolling over to 100,000 miles, not of myself or of Gay Days events.

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  • FSUpaintball

    hi david

    im durnk


    we still loveyuo

  • David July

    I wish I were at that level myself. Of course, I would have to stay away from here because as we have all seen before BUI can be a bad thing.

  • flcute76

    david, not that im nit picking or anything because im not perfect at typing or sometimes maybe even grammar but i noticed a few errors in your first post? were you tired??


    It is funny to be how sometimes

    making captions for the photographs are do odd things.

  • David July

    Fitting that I chose the word "aphasia" for this posting as it is defined as the "inability to express oneself [using words]." Apparently I was more aphasic than I thought. I have edited that post accordingly.

    *bows head in shame*

    Sadly I was not as tired as I was simply distracted. Oh well.

    And not that it was suggested, but I was not intoxicated either. Unfortunately.

  • Syelence

    I love drunken posting?


  • Thorin

    I saw those errors and did assume it was a play on the subject.

  • FSUpaintball

    How about we assume it was, and leave it at that... yeah ;-)

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