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City Tour Photographs

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I have not really had a chance to go though and do anything but add some basic captions, but I have added to the gallery the photographs I have been taking for my project at work. I will at some point in the next few days go though and weed out a few pictures that may not have come out correctly and add some more verbose captions. In addition, since the pictures are for an online relocation presentation there are many pictures of random houses and apartments. I may consider moving all of those to the end of each album but until then, the pictures are sorted chronologically. Enjoy!

How to piss off a web server administrator

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Seems that everyone and their mother linked to Gaye Males' company profile, so the powers that be have removed her page. Sorry Gaye, you know we love you. If I am ever looking to purchase real estate in Ontario, you will be the first person I contact. Perhaps in Toronto. I like Toronto.

Carrot Top

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On my way back to my office from making a run to purchase new networking equipment, I saw comedian and AT&T spokesperson Scott Thompson (better known as Carrot Top) driving. He was chatting on a mobile while coming from the direction of where his company office and home are located. I have heard of instances of people seeing him out and about, some of whom claim he was present at local gay nightlife establishments. On whether or not that is true, I have no opinion. Regardless, that is the end of my celebrity sighting story and likely the highlight of this otherwise very busy, but boring day.