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Under the Hood

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Just a quick note to mention I just rewrote two of the PHP scripts that run things around here. Specifically the script that runs the "My Collection" window which randomly displays a music album I own and also the title graphic at the top of every page received complete overhauls.

The "My Collection" window script is substantially lighter and uses less system resources in order to complete its task. I also added a link (view more ») which will spawn a pop-up displaying another album allowing a visitor to browse through a random sampling of my discs. Additionally, the albums that appear should theoretically be more randomised than before due to the algorithm I decided to use this time. The same goes for the title graphic with the attached tagline. I had been noticing that every so often one or neither of these items would display at all or throw an error message.

The speed increase may not be noticeable, but I am happy to have recoded these two scripts myself and hopefully increased overall site efficiency. As always if you do notice something awry, please let me know so I can check it out and beat the offender into submission.

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