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I have been meaning to write out several stories based on current events that I think may be amusing to the general public but I have been rather lackadaisical with it. They will be coming soon however. In the meantime here are some items I just wanted to briefly mention.

  • Gas Prices
    What the hell is going on at the gas pump? I dumped nearly $20.00 today to fill my just-shy-of twelve gallon tank. Luckily for me my 1994 Honda Civic EX will take that tank of regular unleaded fuel to around 350 miles, but still the prices around here are getting ridiculous. The average as far as I have been able to ascertain from driving around the Orlando metropolitan and surrounding areas must be somewhere around $1.71 per US Gallon. I would be very curious to hear comments from those around the country (and world for that matter) with regard to your local gasoline prices, so please reply with those.

  • ATM for Books
    Whilst dropping off some friends at the Orlando International Airport so they could embark on a vacation to outside Denver, Colorado, we happened upon an invention we had yet to lay eyes upon: an automated book-dispenser. The touch-screen interface allows the end-user to browse through or search a limited selection of best selling fiction and non-fiction paperback and mass market books and make purchases using cash or a credit/debit card. Upon payment the machine spits out the book much like a snack or beverage vending machine. If you find yourself at the Orlando International Airport, take a walk past the W. H. Smith Books Company store and find this machine outside of it.

  • Free Online PDF Conversion
    If you wish to create professional documents in the ever popular Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) but do not wish to shell out the money for a conversion utility I recommend an online product that does the job quite well and is free of charge. BLC Technologies' free conversion tools allow you to submit files to be converted to PDF or HTML formats and also decode PDF into more usable Microsoft Word, HTML, plain text and image formats. After submitting your documents you will receive an e-mail with the resulting file attached. The conversion was perfect for the Word files I made into PDF's and they arrived at my mail box quickly. Check it out:

  • A Word from Our Sponsor
    Though I am still redeveloping my business website, I am currently in the process of starting a local advertising campaign for my services: professional yet inexpensive web hosting, domain name registration/management/renewals, on-site support/training and consultation. I will be specifically targeting small local businesses, artists, musicians, bars, pubs, cafes, art galleries and similar organisations. It is my belief that after being involved with the local downtown community for many years I can best support these artists and businesses by providing necessary services at a cost that is more than manageable. I have already received support from a local small business and an artist who are now going to be developing their online presences with me. I will be producing some fliers and hope to make a name for myself in the community. If you would like more information on my services or would like to get some business cards and fliers for your business or gallery, please let me know. Thank you.

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  • Maurice

    The price for unleaded regular in Halifax, NS, Canada has gone to about $0.76/litre around late September '03 to as high as $0.87/litre last week, but is at $0.84/litre now.


    1 gallon (US) = 3.785 litres.

    Therefore, 0.84 * 3.785 = $3.18/gallon.

    So, don't come complaining to me. ;-)

  • David July

    Apparently you are not alone. I am expecting to hear that California prices are extreme, however not quite to that level. I know they are like this also in Europe.

    And in a most unscientific 0400 hours show of those in agreement that these prices are outrageous, searching for the term "high gas prices suck" resulted in 54,600 matching sites.

    Good to hear from you again, Maurice.

  • LoveStory

    Here in Key West, it is $1.899 USD / Gallon.

    I was in the Bahamas last week (Abaco) and I believe I paid about $3.50 USD a gallon.

    In Ft. Lauderdale, it is $1.639 USD / Gallon.


  • Blue Witch

    Near London UK the current price is 77.9 pence per litre, or £3.54 per Imperial gallon. That makes £40 - I guess abourt $75 to fill your tank...

    Luckily, though, my vehicle does 56 mpg.

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