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I love movies. But even more than that I love real-life movie connections. I suppose in a way it brings a true connection to an otherwise fictional film. While on various vacations across the country, I have made an effort to find shooting locations. I successfully found locations from Sneakers, Ghostbusters, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, The Net and a few others. I should locate and scan those pictures.

In any event, visiting one of my daily read sites surfaced UHF - My 15 Year Pilgrimage, the result of two fans visiting the actual filming locations from the 'Weird Al' Yankovic classic UHF. When I was younger I used to watch this movie constantly. I just finished watching it again and still love it. This tribute complete with "then" screen shots from the DVD and "now" pictures from the locations as they appear today is wonderful. And to think just yesterday I did in fact make a "Spatula City" joke.

Since it fits with the theme of this post, I would also like to point out a similar photologue for the film Back to the Future located at Big Waste of Space. Indeed he also has on-location shots from Ghostbusters as well.

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