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Notice: Server Downtime

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This notice is to inform you that Mount Sutro and all of my server-based technologies will be offline this upcoming Sunday, 11 July 2001 at 0000 until approximately 0600 the same day. This downtime will occur as the server I reside on is physically moved to a brand new data centre. The new location in Clifton, New Jersey (just outside NYC) was built and is solely owned by the company that co-locates server space and leases the servers. I am looking forward to improved connectivity at this new location and a greater range of options from a technical standpoint.

Any e-mail you send during this time frame will be delivered as soon as service to my server is restored. Any urgent communications should be sent to my mobile by voice, text or e-mail.

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  • David July

    Well that took a bit longer than anticipated, but things seem to be chugging along nicely now. The server finally came back online around 1500 and has been consistently performing since that time. Please let me know if you experience any problems including latency. Thank you!

  • David July

    My sites will be moving either tonight or tomorrow to another server within the data centre and a new IP address assigned. Although no downtime will result from this change, if your ISP is slow at getting the new IP information you may inadvertently post to the "old" site. If you post and then notice it missing, please repost as this is what has happened. I will make another announcement when this procedure is complete and when all visitors should be arriving at the new server. Thank you.

  • David July

    My sites are now residing on a brand new server in the new data centre. Please let me know if you experience any issues, though I doubt there will be any at all. From here, things are loading quite a bit faster now.

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