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Too Busy to FCUK

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It has been an interesting few days, to say the least. Between my increased workload involved with the matter that required my recent trek to New York City, two web development projects I am working on for people (one pay, one freebee) and normal everyday chores, I have been hopelessly busy. Today was the first day of work during which I did not feel completely overwhelmed. Not that I ever was; in fact, I really like being busy, but with this situation being a little new to me I was trying to be efficient and quick without tripping over anything.

It seems like Hurricane Ivan may be making its way back to Florida for a second volley. How wonderful for us. In the meantime, there are several other storms brewing in the Atlantic that may or may not head this way. I wonder what the contingency is if the entire alphabet of storm names is used but storms continue to form. Do they start duplicating the first letter in the name as so many businesses do to be listed in the telephone book ahead of normally spelled competitors? I despise that practice, by the way.

If you are out and get hit on by someone you are not interested in, you can give out this number: 212.479.7990. Yes, the New York City Rejection Line! It works doubly well if you do not in fact live within the Manhattan area because having a 212 telephone number might further impress that loser that will not leave you alone. And no, I did not receive this number while out and about anywhere.

My co-worker just dropped off a DVD copy of a film entitled Latter Days. I have never heard of it before but he says it is a "cute" movie. We shall see tonight, likely while working on the above-mentioned web development projects.

My new home network, complete with wireless access is up and running almost perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the wireless connection works throughout my house, despite the various opportunities for interference. I am still having a problem getting my notebook to accept a DHCP-issued IP address and DNS information, but this is not a new issue for that computer. The only other issue I have discovered is the inability to use MAC filtering on the router. For some reason when MAC filtering is enabled, all wireless connections are banned. I am not broadcasting my SSID and set-up a shared key so that should work sufficiently to prevent any pesky neighbors from leeching my bandwidth.

I was originally planning on heading up to Tallahassee this weekend, but between paying off some bills and my mother's birthday, I will have to postpone that venture. It will give me the chance to finish a few projects around the house that have been in limbo since my surgery.

Finally, if you are confused, shocked or offended by the title, FCUK is a recursive acronym for the French Connection chain of retailers. The sign in the window of their mid-town Manhattan shop: "Don't make us say it."

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  • Thorin

    According to Rejectionline?s web site there is a copy cat service in Orlando.
    As well as many other copy cat services in many cities.

  • Pesky Neighbor


  • David July

    Hahaha! Sorry, mystery guest. Your Road Runner service will have to suffice. Unless, of course, you can figure out the SSID and my 128-bit access key. :-)

  • JJEternal

    What were the past two comments about?

    On a more useful note, I remember the hurricane season about 10 years ago was particularly active; we got to "S" - Hurricane Sebastian. One of the weathermen I was watching mentioned that if there were more hurricanes than names in a season, they would start using the next season's names. Apparently, the NOAA comes up with names for storms a few years in advance.

  • David July

    JJEternal: What were the past two comments about?

    David: I am not broadcasting my SSID and set-up a shared key so that should work sufficiently to prevent any pesky neighbors from leeching my bandwidth.

    Pesky Neighbor: Hrmph.

    David: Hahaha! Sorry, mystery guest...

  • JJEternal

    Ah, I get it. Very funny.

  • David July

    Did 800-TBS-FUNNY tell you so?

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