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Hurricane Jeanne

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What can I say? It is going to get very wet and windy here (again) as now Category 3 Hurricane Jeanne moves in. No more live coverage though as I am tired of hurricanes and instead will be enjoying a good book and some alcohol during this storm.

An amusing note: as I was going through the below links, updating them as necessary from their use during Frances, I discovered that many organizations that had previously been naming the information pages "charlie" and "frances" have now just called them "hurricane." Smart move, webmasters!

» WESH Channel 2
» WKMG Channel 6
» WFTV Channel 9
» Central Florida News 13
» WMFE Channel 24

» Weather Watches and Warnings
» National Hurricane Centre
» Local Radar
» Visible Satellite Loop
» Visible Satellite (still frame)
» State of Florida Resource Links
» NASA Hurricane Stuff

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  • David July

    I am still without power at home, but damage was minimal including some roof shingles, a portion of fence and some more screen panels. Damage in many areas is light while in others much more severe. There are trees and power lines down in the downtown area again, in addition to a gas station island destroyed close to my office.

  • David July

    I have power!

  • FSUpaintball

    I was without power for about 15 hours. Kind of funny considering it didn't even rain a whole lot... Tally has way too many trees for hurricane season.

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