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I just purchased a Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router at the amazing price of $27.14, after rebate and a gift certificate. My friend is donating a matching PCMCIA wireless NIC for my notebook. With those two additions, my home network will be nearly complete. The only thing missing still will be my new notebook, which I am not quite prepaired to finance. As soon as I have it built, my existing notebook will be converted into a wireless file server, backup drive and multimedia PC.


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I am going to keep this brief.

The surgery went well but I am not feeling as good as I expected to feel two days later. I am going to continue to stay home and relax for the next few days, enjoying the 7.5 mg hydrocodone tablets I have at my disposal.

It looks like Hurricane Frances is going to make landfall very close to here. That is really the last thing we need here right now.

The e-mail address, david @, will no longer accept incoming message until further notice. Additionally, I have disabled the catch-all for Everyone should be using the full version domain names for e-mail, anyway (mountsutro.*).

There is a problem with the DSL modem or something I have yet to fully diagnose at this time. I will contact Sprint later in the day to work it out with them. UPDATE: No thanks to Sprint technical support, I solved the problem and am online with the DSL!