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Quite a party, indeed

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God bless them, every one
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The granddaddy of downtown office holiday parties brought out hundreds of the Orlando business and political crowd to the Gray-Robinson law firm Thursday night.

All three floors of the power firm were filled with cuisine representing every region of the country, from Boston bacon-wrapped scallops to New York cheesecake. You couldn't throw a Texas-style pepper-and-cheese quesadilla without hitting a politician, judge or lawyer.

Demonstrating true holiday spirit was Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, who pecked Orange County Chairman Rich Crotty's chief of staff, Elizabeth Gianini, on the cheek. Considering the way Dyer and Crotty have been fighting lately, any gesture of kindness between the two offices seemed like a minor holiday miracle.
I did not see Gianini, but did say hello to Dyer and to Orange County Clerk of Courts Lydia Gardner. They were both much shorter than I had imagined. As were many judges with whom I had previously done business with during the course of my law days.

The entire event was catered by the Hyatt and I must admit to having been fairly impressed by the entire spread they put out. Not to mention the open bar stations throughout the event. I kept returning to the martini bar where pre-mixed versions of vodka and gin martinis, apple martinis and cosmopolitans were being generously poured.

I had a great time and hope I have the opportunity to attend next year.