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Dear Neighbour

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To whom it may concern:

I just connected to your wireless network connection and used it to browse the web. I only went to Yahoo! this time, but next time I might download music. I wish I could see the surprised look on your face when the MPAA agents break down your door and haul you to the clink.

No, but really, you should do something about this. Your SSID is MSHOME and your router's MAC address is 00 0D 3A 2D 07 0B. If you do nothing else, change your SSID and discontinue its broadcast. You need to add a network key to secure the connection, though. You stopped broadcasting before I could try, but I bet you twenty dollars I could log into your router from here and make changes (because you kept the default password).

Please protect yourself and your network!

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  • JJEternal

    David! Did you actually steal someone's internet connection? I'm so disappointed in you. :-)

  • flcute76

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! you know i did the same thing. i had my laptop outside and it found a connection and i used the default passwordand was able to get in. granted it wasnt a great connection i guess the signal was too far but the point was that i was able to get in... lol

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