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Grandma Eats Cannabis

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Cannabis grandmother's book hopes
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A grandmother on a drugs charge who cooks treats using cannabis has written a book about her activities which she aims to get published.

Patricia Tabram, 66, of Hexham, Northumberland, bakes cannabis-laced biscuits, soups and casseroles for herself and friends.

She hopes her book called Grandma Eats Cannabis will be in print soon.

Ms Tabram appeared in court this week after admitting possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

Proceedings were adjourned to allow for the preparation of reports and she was remanded on bail until 11 March.

The grandmother-of-two began cooking for friends using food laced with the illegal drug after being introduced to it last year.

Police raids

Mrs Tabram, a former chef, said: "I suffer from depression, whiplash in my neck and back pain. I went to bed and the next morning I felt so much better. I didn't know what I had taken so I asked my friends. They said it was cannabis.

"But I don't like smoking so they said I could cook with it."

But Northumbria Police were tipped off and twice raided her house in May and June last year.

They seized 31 cannabis plants growing in her loft and another one from her hallway table.

She said: "When the police came to my door I invited them in. I told them to look in the loft and I offered them some tea and biscuits."

Mrs Tabram, whose home contains cookery books and books by convicted drug dealer Howard Marks, is hoping Marks' publishers will take on her book.

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  • Pesky Neighbor

    (No, not the neighbor with the open wireless network.)

    I used to think that grandmothers were sweet and innocent. Then I became one myself.

  • David July

    Remind me to come over the next time you bake cookies. ;-)

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