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American Express: Tribeca

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Since its first appearance not too long ago, I have really enjoyed the American Express advert from the series entitled My Life and featuring movie legend Robert De Niro.

While this spot, Tribeca, includes De Niro identifying memorable parts of his home New York City as "my east," "my west" and "my west-side," some people are in an uproar about the depiction of the World Trade Center grounds and memorial site as the caption "my sorrow" is spoken. Those angered by the spot feel it was a use of the dramatic and unfortunate events and memories of 11 September 2001 in a poor manner; that of promoting a product.

Others however counter with the fact that De Niro has been one of the most outspoken famous New York City residents in support of those who perished that day. Additionally, they point out that American Express has been a generous contributor to De Niro's own Tribeca Film Festival, featured near the end of the spot.

Directed by film veteran Martin Scorsese (briefly visible in some versions as De Niro states "my oldest friend"), who I was disappointed did not receive an Oscar® last night for his direction of The Aviator, this commercial is warm, thoughtful and touching. Even more so, I am mesmerised by the Philip Glass adaptation of String Quartet No.3 (Mishima) 1957. Although the alternate version performed on the Kronos Quartet performs Philip Glass album is in its own right soothingly provocative, I believe the cut featured is a new performance recorded specifically for this work. This new version is my favourite.

Thanks to my friend Matt, I have in my possession a DVD recording of the Academy Awards® show during which the extended cut of Tribeca is broadcast. I am going to attempt to rip the audio and video from this copy so that I may post a higher quality rendition here (UPDATE: Sorry, it did not work). In the meantime, check out the linkage below to learn more about the spots, the criticism and for an MP3 of the advert's recording of Mishima.

My Life series by American Express
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Tribeca, extended version
Windows Media Player File, 2.28 Mb
Windows Media, 300 Kbps

Original Cue
Based on String Quartet No.3 (Mishima) 1957 by Philip Glass

MP3 Audio, 0.504 Mb, 1:04
64 Kbps, 44 KHz

The Reviews and Criticism

UPDATE: Monday, 05 February 2007, 2046

If you enjoyed this article, you should read "The Glass Master."

Photo Credit: Allan Tannenbaum


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Florida's Terri Schiavo Can Die
Judge: Terminally incapacitated woman can finally be taken off of life-support.

Astronomers find star-less galaxy
"Astronomers have discovered an object that appears to be an invisible galaxy made almost entirely of dark matter."

How Holographic Memory Will Work

How to Extract DNA from Anything Living
Displays a submitted photograph of the current time; often cardboard drawn or other unique representation.

Newcastle Tramsway Authority Sign
When it comes to warning signage, the NTA does not (excuse me) fuck around. [ via ]

TPS: An Animated Short
The best Office Space gag I have seen yet. [ via ]

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures via

Font: Typeface Favorites

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After amassing a lengthy list of typography links in the comments of the previous article, many of which offer free fonts, I decided it would be a good idea to give the list a little more promotion.

I am sure there are many other quality sites and foundries, so I will continue to add to this list as I discover them. By the way, this list in not meant to be all-inclusive but simply an index of sites I have received quality fonts and/or typography information.

Now on to the list, which is sorted alphabetically by domain name and was last updated on 09 June 2005, 1908.

Photo Credit: "regan1"

Angry (type)face

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Irrelevant of the fact that I have become quite the master at formatting and reinstalling all my software, documents and whatnot, with this iteration of the process the inevitable happened. I neglected, through my own doing, to make a backup copy of my font collection. Coming in at around 3,500 fonts, I was very happy with the positive growth of my collection and the variation therein.

When I last formatted and reinstalled, I decided to try to keep all but necessary and oft-used fonts unloaded. In this process, I started keeping the font files in a folder other than their normal system directory; the directory being the only one I made a copy of before wiping my hard drive clean.

I have not destroyed my own data in quite a while and I must say of all the things I could have possibly overlooked this is least replaceable.

So I now come to you with the request that you recommend sites containing libraries of free fonts. Please post a reply to this article or contact me directly with your suggestions.

UPDATE: I found an old archive I made of the font collection. In addition, I was able to remember the names of about twenty of the "must have" fonts and thus was able to relocate them. At this time, I now have exceeded my previous collection. Better than drugs, I tell you.

Photo Credit: Dan Carr


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On Thursday, 12 May 2005, Launch Pad 39B at the Kennedy Space Center is scheduled to make history as the Space Shuttle Discovery blasts off on mission STS-114, the first such launch and flight since the Columbia was destroyed during re-entry.

After the Columbia Accident Investigation Board announced their findings in August 2003 regarding the cause of the accident, NASA was charged with making many modifications, not only to its Shuttle Fleet hardware, but to procedures and personnel. A structural redevelopment of the large external fuel tank was completed in order to prevent the casting off of insulating foam, the object that punctured the fatal hole in wing of Columbia.

Two years later, hopefully having learned from the mistakes of the past, NASA feels confident to return to flight and I for one and very excited. While it may be too idealistic to think that human space travel holds the key to peace on Earth, it is certainly one of the most important aspects of current evolution. In addition to the scientific gains we make in the fields of spaceflight, astronomy and astrophysics, countless new technologies and medicines have either been developed in or designed for space. On Earth, those same "futuristic" explorations have proven essential.

Living in Orlando, the backyard of human spaceflight, is a special opportunity. Since moving to the area in September 1989, there have been eighty-five launches and I have tried to watch each and every one. If you stand in my front yard and look up, both the flights of shuttles departing Launch Complex 39A and 39B are clearly visible. You can watch the sun shimmering off the surface of the ship as it breaks away from the confines of Earth. I have also gone out to the Kennedy Space Center for launches, both watching them from across the Banana River and on occasion on NASA property via drive-on permit.

I have some great stories about being on property for launches and the granddaddy of them all: the tour I took of the complete facility. I will be sure to write about those experiences soon.

In the meantime, I anxiously await that day in May when I can again look at the sky and see our future taking flight.

Abe Vigoda Status: a Firefox Extension
Alive and kicking? Always know with this extension. [ via ]

Kana Hakkliha, a product of Estonia, Remix Contest
A twisted commercial is being redone by amused visitors.

Light-Up Bras
"Now that LEDs are available in all colors of the rainbow (including purple), we thought we'd make a bra to celebrate!" [ via ]

Improv: McDonald's Bathroom Attendant
A "Five Star Fast Food" improvisational experience. [ via ]

Handlers suing; said forced to flash Koko
"Two former employees of the Gorilla Foundation, home to Koko the "talking" ape, have filed a lawsuit contending that they were ordered to bond with the 33-year-old female simian by displaying their breasts." [ via ]