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Irrelevant of the fact that I have become quite the master at formatting and reinstalling all my software, documents and whatnot, with this iteration of the process the inevitable happened. I neglected, through my own doing, to make a backup copy of my font collection. Coming in at around 3,500 fonts, I was very happy with the positive growth of my collection and the variation therein.

When I last formatted and reinstalled, I decided to try to keep all but necessary and oft-used fonts unloaded. In this process, I started keeping the font files in a folder other than their normal system directory; the directory being the only one I made a copy of before wiping my hard drive clean.

I have not destroyed my own data in quite a while and I must say of all the things I could have possibly overlooked this is least replaceable.

So I now come to you with the request that you recommend sites containing libraries of free fonts. Please post a reply to this article or contact me directly with your suggestions.

UPDATE: I found an old archive I made of the font collection. In addition, I was able to remember the names of about twenty of the "must have" fonts and thus was able to relocate them. At this time, I now have exceeded my previous collection. Better than drugs, I tell you.

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