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Say What?

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I have been both busy working on other things and legitimately slacking when it comes to writing articles on pre-decided topics. In fact, three separate compositions sit on my desktop unfinished. And instead of completing one of them right now—when I would rather go to bed—I will share a recent search request that brought someone to Mount Sutro.

While I am sure the intention of the searcher was genuine and possibly educational, I can only hope that their communicatory faux pas is not something they would dare repeat in the context of a human-to-human conversation.

Yikes! I really hope that the person in question was simply looking for colour photographs and perhaps is just a little rusty with the English language. Are the schools in North Dakota really that bad?

As to the fact that Mount Sutro is the second result for that search phrase, MSN combined both my post about (ironically) people searching for pictures of civil rights veteran Rosa Parks and a quote from an entry containing colour photographs from World War Two.

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  • Anonymous

    Nice blog. I just got mine started today. I hope it will look like this someday. Its just hard to keep finding fresh content

  • Maurice

    Along the same "faux pas" line, back in the days when I was an editor, I worked on an article discussing the findings of a study on represenations of visible minorities in Canadian mainstream advertising. One sentence (before I edited it) started, "The proportion of ads with visible minorities compared with ads with people..." I had to read that several times before I could figure out what the author meant.

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