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I love having things organized, but there are times that my computer tends to get away from me, specifically with my own personal files and my e-mail. I had enough last night and decided to remedy this situation. Instead of trying to "fix" my e-mail boxes, I did my preferred first step — start over. I created a new database file and moved content I needed to keep over to the new file, making absolutely sure messages that could be deleted were deleted. Amazing how much easier it is to navigate and use now. Next: my documents.

I somehow managed to get Clairol Herbal Essences in my mouth during a recent shower. While I highly recommend these pleasant smelling hair care products, I do suggest maintaining a closed mouth while using them.

Today is my friend Chris Benitez's birthday. Drop by his website and wish him well. Tonight I will be attending his not-so-surprise party and with any luck, remembering it tomorrow. Just kidding. No, really.

The countdown to my vacation in New York is now at fifteen days and counting. With the help of the internet and the Lonely Planet book I purchased, I now have a six-page document with notes and information on a variety of topics including transportation, nightspots, nerdy locales (like the fire station from Ghostbusters), museums and restaurants.

I am commissioned to produce new menus and a website for a local restaurant. I will post more about this project and review some of the food in the near future.

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