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DriveCam Redux

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In a previous article simply entitled "DriveCam," I explored the new automobile monitoring device of the same name designed to allow parents an inside view into their child's daily driving habits.

After initially hearing about the DriveCam on NPR's All Things Considered, I was interested in looking further into this technology. After reading the official DriveCam website and watching the video examples available for streaming, I concluded that this device had nearly unlimited commercial potential. The original story and most of the promotional material focused more on the "parent watching child" use. I questioned whether or not a solution of this design would aide in a parent's teaching their children how to drive or if it would simply side-step the issue and not act as any reasonable deterrent.

Apparently, in application my original opinions are open to more debate. Several users of the DriveCam unit have come to Mount Sutro to express their personal opinions based on their own experiences. They are all available here: DriveCam Visitor Comments.


A representative of DriveCam has added his comments to the aformentioned article. Check it out.

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