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SMS Web Directory

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Text messaging with the Short Message Service (SMS) protocol has clearly taken its place in modern society. When sending a text message to a mobile telephone via traditional means is not available or desired, there are several alternative options depending on the cellular service provider. The SMS Web Directory is designed to help you send text messages from your computer.

When available, a link to a Web to SMS portal is provided as well as an example of the e-mail to SMS address format. Below those are some general web-based SMS tools and senders. Your feedback, additions and updates are welcome.

The directory was updated 12 July 2010 and is presented alphabetically. A more comprehensive list is archived from Wikipedia.

Web to SMS E-Mail to SMS
Boost Mobile
Iridium Satellite
Sprint PCS
U.S. Cellular
Verizon Wireless
Virgin Mobile
Other Services
Google SMS Google Voice oh, don’t forget... Yellowpipe Web Hosting
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  • Roger

    Another thing you can do is find information that's useful when you're mobile and then text it to your phone. For example, business 411 information like restaurants, bars, addresses. The query is as simple as 'pizza 03045'. There's a free service that lets you do it - check out (44636).

  • paxer9999

    Don't forget that many cell numbers also have an email address if to which you send a message it will get dumped onto your phone as a text message.

    For example Cingular:
    (my number)

  • Terry B.

    This list is very helpful. Thanks!

  • Anoosh H

    Provides online shopping via SMS

  • Joe Mamma

    I tell people about this page all the time. It used to be listed in the column on the right. I had to dig for this (O;

  • David July

    Good to know. I have returned the link to the Features section of the Article Archive window. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Joe Mamma

    Back again! So handy (:

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