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Despite having just returned late tonight from a weeklong trip to Fort Lauderdale, I will be getting back in the car shortly and heading to Tallahassee (again, but not for pleasure). I will return to Orlando on Wednesday, 27 July 2005.

I apologize for the personal distance and lack of activity here at Mount Sutro. Oh, and a quick "hello" to those of you who have visited for the first time recently and left a comment or sent me an e-mail. I hope to devote some time to things around here soon, but I cannot make any guarantees right now.

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  • brykmantra

    Just wanted to say thanks for your comment today ... Also: Any relation to Miranda July?

  • David July

    No, not to my knowledge.

    It used to be my belief that the name was changed --- either accidentally or deliberately --- at some point before entering the United States. My research pointed to France as a likely country of origin and the surname "Julian" was a name I focused on a lot.

    However, since the Ellis Island Foundation placed their records online, I have tossed that theory aside. According to their data, twenty July's entered the United States via Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924. One passenger in particular, Johan Josef July --- whose name bears a striking resemblance to a relative of mine --- arrived in 1894 at the age of seventeen from Austria.

  • Claire

    Hey Dave, I wanted to pass along the link to a very interesting page.

  • David July

    Thanks Claire, but I have had that site linked (see Exit Piazza) for a while. It is a great project!

  • Claire

    What's weird is that I skimmed your exit piazza to check and I didn't see it! Oops.

  • David July

    No worries! Always feel free to suggest other interesting sites.

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