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It has proven to be an interesting social experiement to be without private internet access or television for one month. Now while one month is certainly a short period of time, I have discovered that the internet has absolutely changed the way I live. I was only a little surprised when I realised it was not the entertainment value sites or instant communication I missed, it was the modern-day conveneinces associated with our electronically connected culture. Access to a telephone directory, online banking, movie showtimes and news were missed.

Aside from feeling a little out of touch with the world — not just news and information, but friends as well — I think I have managed quite well with the lack of connectivity. I have done quite a bit of work on my apartment, read three books in three days, wrote-up some articles and letters and even entertained two people for several days. But since one of the routers here in my apartment complex started broadcasting its insecure signal slightly stronger, I found I have been able to connect for longer periods of time and do more at once.

I am looking forward to reintegrating the internet into my life and wonder if I will spend less time online than I may have previously. Of course, this all depends on the reliability of my unknown neighbour. Fortunately I do know that will be connecting to the Comcast network some time in November 2005.

Now, instead of resuming activity here by going on and on about Tallahassee and things related to my upgraded living situation, I decided to geek out just a bit and produce a desktop screen capture. People seem to love looking at other people's desktops so here is how my PC looks at start.

Click the thumbnail for a full version (JPEG, 584 KB)

I have a lot of wallpapers that I cycle through on a "when I feel like it" basis. A major change from any configuration I have had before is my switching from the Classic Start Menu to the Windows XP Start Menu. This was something I have been trying since someone pointed out to me that I used the Classic Start Menu. He shared some tips with me about the Windows XP Start Menu that made me want to try it and I have been using it since. I enjoy the ability to pin specific icons to the main Start Menu area and the ready access to the Computer Management Windows XP snap-in console.

Now that I have gotten all that off my chest, I figure I should probably make a short list of the items I need to talk about since updates all but discontinued after 05 September 2005. Okay, so here we go in no particular order.

  • The Apartment
  • U-Haul: The Company That Screwed Me
  • Why Cingular Wireless Sucks
  • Observations of Tallahassee
  • Claire and Ashleigh's Wedding and Associated Social Events
  • A Book Review or Two
That is all for now.

Wallpaper in Screen Capture © Mandolux

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  • Corey V.

    Welcome back!

  • jj

    Wanted to share some photos I thought you might like that I just took with Apple's new app PhotoBooth

  • QFT

    Hi, I'm David's Blog.

    You may remember me from such dates as early September, and many days precursing that month! You may not have seen me in awhile, and do you know why? No, I don't either!


    <3 Matt

  • JJEternal

    Will you post that picture even if David posts something?

  • Matt

    Your request has been noted. Your opinion is valuable to us and will be taken into consideration.

    err... yes

    but not yet

  • David July

    *sigh* I know I have not followed this up with the promised updates, but things have been a little crazy of late. I plan to have some more writing for Saturday and Sunday.

    And whether or not you publish this photograph, I asked for a copy, so get on that.

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