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The Window

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I have been having trouble with the driver's side window in my car for a few years now. Fortunately, the problem was never severe enough to warrant a trip to an automotive professional. Unfortunately, this problem I have successfully ignored and dealt with for all this time finally stood-up to be noticed.

The trouble first started back when I was working at the real estate company in September 2003. I would have difficulty raising and lowering the window, an apparent result of the seal loosening and failing. The solution that would prove effective for over two years was to simply push on the interior door panel when adjusting the window's position. In all, it was a fairly minor problem effectually "fixed" with very little effort.

Getting home the other night, I went to close the window as always but instead discovered the glass has come off the track somewhere inside the door. As the window closes, you can see where it is no longer surrounded by the seal. This leaves a three to four inch gap of open window, which is not a problem per se where I live. But the National Weather Service has been forecasting — and subsequently pushing back — rain for this week. Either way, it now requires action.

Rather than throwing money at the problem, money I can most certainly use for other, more pressing engagements, I have decided to throw myself at the problem. I have decided to remove the interior panels of my car door and reset the window's position on the track. The light is particularly favourable for work outdoors today. The temperature is a comfortable 73 degrees Fahrenheit and the relative humidity is 53%.

Please feel free to wish me luck, hope, pray or whatever it is you do to help ensure I do not make it worse.

Photo Credit: Carol Nichelson

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  • Claire

    I wish you a ton of luck because, as you know, I have had window problems for almost 2 and a half years now and have yet to really fix them. But I hope you can!

  • Maurice

    So how did it go, David?

  • David July

    My friend, co-worker and neighbour used to work at an auto body shop. For $20 they were able to reset the window on the track. Unfortunately, the parts that operate the window are non-functional. For $90 I can have full use of the window again. Which, I can assure you, will be a course of action taken in the near, near future.

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