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The Disconnection

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I am again without a stable connection to the internet. I will get to my e-mail as soon as possible, so if you sent me something in the past week or so, bear with me or telephone.

I hope to resume site updates — which have been suspended due to similar outages — just as soon as connectivity is restored.

The Compliment

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Antenna art
by Elliot, Home By Six
Saturday, 31 December 2005, 2024

The Sutro Tower has fascinated me for as long as I've been in the Bay Area. I'm sure most people consider it an eyesore, especially longtime residents of SF who may remember Mt. Sutro before the tower. But I'm convinced it's the coolest looking communications tower in the world. (Not that there's much competition.)

So I was interested when I found a website called Mount It seems to be somebody's blog, but offers quite a bit of information about the tower itself, and even a PDF of the antenna layout. This guy pushes right past fascination into obsession territory. I mean, he even has a custom Sutro license plate. And it's people like that who make the Internet a great place to surf. :-)

Happy New Year to all. Have some Death Cab, some Dan Wilson, and some Jim's Big Ego to celebrate the occasion. But most importantly, have fun!
Likewise, Elliot. I was extremely amused by your post. And I recently became aware of Death Cab for Cutie myself and have enjoyed their music as well.