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The First Storm

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I am starting to get the feeling like tropical cyclones have a bounty out on my head. Last year's hurricane barrage by Charlie, Dennis, Frances and Jeanne more than made up for the relative lack of tropical activity during the balance of my nearly seventeen years in the Sunshine State.

Then, just as I was moving to Tallahassee last year, Hurricane Katrina threatened the area but shifted course only a day or two before. Looking back on the events that followed that change in weather gives me some pause, realizing how things may have turned out had a Category Five hurricane made landfall the weekend I moved to town.

In all of those cases, luck was on my side. And now, only thirteen days into the official tropical season the first named storm of 2006, Tropical Storm Alberto, makes waves nearby. It currently looks to make landfall in the "Big Bend" region sometime early this morning, but some of the outer bands have already blown through the area.

Earlier tonight there were some gusty sustained winds and heavy rain that proceeded through the region for a good hour or so. Since then, the weather has been rather calm, with only light winds and residual precipitation peppering the area. I imagine that by the time I awaken tomorrow for work—which is still open according to the emergency status number—the situation may very well be different as Alberto will have moved inland.

Hopefully my luck with tropical cyclones did not end with the conclusion of the 2005 season.

UPDATE: 13 June 2006, 1807

The wind and rain continued overnight and through most of the day with some stronger bursts here and there. Overall, it has been a pleasant day with temperatures in the mid-seventies. Local news reported some trees and power lines were downed before dawn, but nothing so severe as to keep any roads closed.

Now the only thing to look forward to is the oppressive heat that we have been promised. The forecast from the National Weather Service has only this to say about the expected conditions Friday: Hot.

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  • Maurice

    The remnants of Alberto reintensified off New England and gave coastal Nova Scotia a massive soaking and ...err ...blowing. :)

  • jr

    I hope it will be a mild hurricane season

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