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The Glass Master

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Those of you who enjoy the musical compositions of Philip Glass should make an effort to listen to his latest production, the score to the film Notes on a Scandal.

I have not seen the movie and know little about it, but the music developed by Glass is up to his usual standard. Each track contains a segment of that overall distinctiveness found in all Glass music—the comfortable and familiar percussion elements, chord progressions and melodies all have their place in the sun.

As an added bonus for those reading with a thirst for String Quartet No.3 (Mishima) 1957, a version of which was featured in the often-discussed American Express advert Tribeca, several tracks on the score "borrow" elements from that piece.

With a total play time of only 50:41, the conclusion of the disc brings a wanting for more. Fortunately, my enjoyment of the album easily allows for repetitious play.

When you fear you may laser an etching into the often-played disc, you might try these additional albums: Aguas de Amazona (Glass and Uakti), Glass Cage (Cage and Glass with Brubaker), Glassworks (Glass) and Hydrogen Jukebox (Glass).

For more information about and multimedia of the String Quartet No.3 (Mishima) 1957, visit the article "American Express: Tribeca."

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  • Marc

    hey look!! a new post...score.

    and thanks for posting this!! I have YET to remember Phillip Glass was the name of the artist we listened to that one night...and that I want to check him out.

    so, thanks!

  • erikpatten

    Wow, I didn't realize John Cage and Philip Glass worked together. John Cage, though mainly a composer, was one of the great early performance artists. And the cover of that album is an image by one of my favorite photographers, Abelardo Morell.

  • Claire

    Wow, I second the "look, new post!" I have a few tracks of his on my computer and find it very... sombre. I think the first person who opened me up to Glass was Mr. Tipton so every time I hear the music, I just think of him.

  • Amber Clarke

    THANK YOU!!! I have been looking for the music from that commercial for a year!!! I went out and purchased "Notes on a Scanal" Absolutely amazing score. Another source for scores and soundtracks is!

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