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The Holiday Recap

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It may not be apparent from the frequency of recent article posting, but 2007 has been a productive and enjoyable year for me. Most recently I spent the holidays visiting Key West and Orlando for Thanksgiving and Christmas respectively.

Key West was a blast. This was my third trip to the Conch Republic as an adult. Although I did not get to meet up with a few friends that originally planned to be in town, I had a great time walking around, taking 650 pictures in the process, eating at local restaurants and enjoying a few alcoholic beverages.

While in Orlando I visited my friend Steven who has lived in Tokyo, Japan for the past several years, and met his wife Emma of London, England. We enjoyed beer, cocktails and conversation with other friends at St. Andrews Tavern, a place I used to frequent and now visit when I have the chance. The holiday was fun with my family and our gift exchange was enjoyable.

I threw a small party yesterday for New Year's Eve and it was a success. There were even a few surprise guests that stopped by during the course of the night. Being no stranger to the joys of modern living, my party featured streaming music, a live video feed from Times Square and a digital countdown timer.

Now that the holiday season is over, things will inevitably get back to normal. I have an upcoming business trip at the end of the month and plan to work on getting all those Key West pictures ready for publication to the Gallery. I might even try to write something now and then.

Photo Credit: David July

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